Website "Missions & Mandates"

  • New Website Missions & Mandates

    New Website Missions & Mandates

    What are peace operations doing worldwide? Our new interactive website presents the tasks of international peace operations of UN, EU, OSCE, AU and NATO.
  • New Glossary

    New Glossary

    Our new glossary "Missions & Mandates. What Peace Operations Do" provides brief descriptions of the 23 most common areas of activity of international peace operations. 

What Peace Operations Do

Ever since the first operation was established – the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO) deployed in the Middle East since 1948 – international peace operations have developed rapidly, both in number and scope. While missions were initially given just limited tasks such as monitoring and verification, they now have wide remits with multiple tasks. The number of organizations deploying operations has also increased. Oftentimes several missions with different mandates work in parallel in the same crisis area.


But what exactly are UN peace operations doing worldwide? Which mandated tasks is the EU implementing in Africa? Which peace operations are concerned with security sector reform? Our new website Missions & Mandates presents the tasks of international peace operations of UN, EU, OSCE, AU and NATO. The information on this site can be searched in a variety of ways (Video-Tutorial).


A glossary offers the opportunity to obtain in-depth information on mandated tasks. These tasks demonstrate the comprehensive toolbox that missions can bring to bear on a wide range of contexts and challenges in fragile states and conflict areas. There is also a printed version of the glossary available.