ZIF External Publications

Here you can find media features, comments and interviews of ZIF staff members as well as reports about our work. Additional content can be found on the German website.

Contributions from 2019

EUobserver | Sophia in limbo: political games limit sea rescues (Tobias Pietz) 03/2019 Download (Online-Link)

Contributions from 2018

Istituto Affari Internazionali | The Civilian CSDP Compact: Strengthening or Repurposing EU Civilian Crisis Management? (Tobias Pietz) 10/2018 Download (80 KB)
EUobserver | What Salvini teaches us about Operation Sophia (Tobias Pietz) 08/2018 Download (29KB)
World Politics Review | How a Focus on Migration Could Weaken the EU's Crisis Management Missions (Tobias Pietz) 08/2018 Download (139KB)
PeaceLab-Blog | Germany on the Security Council: Time to Stand Up (Tanja Bernstein) 06/2018 Download (2,2MB)