Training Partners

ZIF is an established partner in various national and international training networks. Close cooperation with the German armed forces and the police benefits a variety of ZIF courses and mirrors the 'comprehensive approach' promoted within the national Training Partner Platform. In addition, ZIF cooperates with various governmental and non-governmental actors in Germany in the area of preparation of civilian personnel.

Since its foundation, the idea of creating and maintaining European and international training networks has been one of ZIF’s guiding principles. As a founding member of the European Group on Training (EGT), ZIF has influenced the development of civilian crisis management courses and training standards at the European level. ZIF, in close cooperation with its European partners, currently coordinates the 'Europe's New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management' (ENTRi) project, sponsored by the European Commission.

In addition, ZIF cooperates closely with the training departments of the OSCE and the UN, for example with the Rule of Law Training Program. This regular exchange at both headquarter and field level enables ZIF to keep the content of our training courses up-to-date and to adapt quickly to the needs of the missions. Joint trainings either in Berlin or directly in the field complement this cooperation.

The long-term cooperation with international training institutions and regional partners in Europe and Africa, for example with the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) enables the pooling of resources and expertise. New trainings are jointly developed and organized to increase the diversity of capacity-building opportunities available to experts.


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