German Training Partner Platform



Joint Training for Peace Operations – the comprehensive approach in practice.


In Germany's Training Partner Platform (TPP), civilian, police and military training institutions work together to improve the individual preparation for peace operations. The TPP conjointly develops and implements training standards and new courses. Moreover, all partners benefit from the exchange of trainers and participants. Since more than 10 years, the comprehensive approach to training and deployment preparation has proven successful in promoting collaboration and mutual understanding of the roles of civilian, police and military personnel in peace operations.




The platform serves as a forum for information exchange and participants as well as the development of training activities and the planning and carrying out of joint courses. Courses include:


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Furthermore, the TPP members participate in international multi-dimensional exercises and network events. Every four years, they participate in the two-week Viking exercise. In form of a role-play, based on a real scenario, civilian stakeholders, police and military come together to improve cooperation and coordination.


Since 2009, the Training Partner are active participants of the annual conference of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC), and, in 2013, members co-founded the European Association of Peace Operations Training Centres (EAPTC). Both associations are open to police, military and civilian training stakeholders and programs to exchange best training practices, identify training requirements and to promote the comprehensive approach in training.