Election Observation courses

ZIF is offering two kinds of election observation courses:


1. Short-Term Observation training (STO Training). Two trainings per year.


The course is open to qualified German and international professionals. This course is a requirement for German candidates who intend to join the ZIF Expert Roster for Election Observation as potential election observers. STO observers are generally deployed for 7-10 days on a mission.

Since ZIF is the Election Observation Mission (EOM) focal point for Germany, please note that only members of the ZIF Expert Roster for Election Observation will be eligible for nomination by ZIF to participate in an election observation mission.


2. Long-Term Election Observation (LTO Training). One training per year.


The course specifically caters for German and international candidates who have already gained experience as short-term observers in previous assignments and are interested in working as long-term observers serving an average of 2-3 months in a mission. Previous long-term observer experience is not required.


ZIF Election Observation Courses comply with the equivalent standards of the international sending organizations (EU and OSCE).