Long-Term Election Observation

Next dates: 22.06.2020 - 27.06.2020
Deadline: 29.03.2020

Please note

that this course is primarily aimed at participants from the EU and/or OSCE participating states. Applicants from other countries will only be admitted in exceptional cases.



Quick Facts

  • Venue: Different Hotels in Berlin
  • Course fee ZIF Expert Roster: 190 € full board included
  • Course fee external applicants: 970 € full board included
  • Prerequisite: min. 2-3 missions as STO
  • Application documents: CV + Letter of Motivation
  • Programme: Sample
  • Apply now as:
    • ZIF Expert: ZIF Database - Please upload application documents
    • External: ZIF Database - Application for: Training only

ZIF does not offer scholarships and does not cover travel costs.

Course Description

ZIF Election Observation Courses comply with the equivalent standards of the international sending organizations (EU and OSCE). This course can be considered as the natural follow-up course to the Short-Term Observation (STO) training course. While STO assignments are usually very short, the responsibilities and scope of Long-term Observers' (LTO) activities are far more complex and demands a much greater understanding of the various steps and processes in the organization and running of elections.


The course language is English.



Learning objectives and course content

Learning Objectives

Emphasis is put on the frame and context of LTO-assignments, the working relationship between the core team and the LTOs, the different reporting formats as well as the responsibilities and duties that LTOs have vis-à-vis their STOs. Special attention is drawn to the working with national staff, mainly drivers and interpreters, as a team while respecting the code of conduct. Electronic voting has been added to the curriculum, due to its increasing relevance in certain parts of the world.


Course Modules


  • International Actors and Democratization Support (UN, EU, OSCE);
  • International Standards and the Electoral Cycle;
  • UN and Democratisation: Elections as Part of Peacekeeping Operations
  • Electronic Voting;
  • Frame and Context of Long-term Election Observation Missions;
  • Working Relationship between Core Team, LTOs and STOs;
  • Working with National Staff;
  • Code of Conduct;
  • LTO and STO Reporting: Formats and Responsibilities;
  • Security in Election Observation Missions.

Course audience

The course specifically caters for German and international professionals who have already gained experience as short-term election observers (normally min. 2 STO missions) in previous assignments and are interested in working as long-term election observers on an EU and/or OSCE/ODIHR mission. Prior long-term observer experience is not required.


Please note that this course is primarily aimed at participants from the EU and/or OSCE participating states. Applicants from other countries will only be admitted in exceptional cases.



Course fee

€ 970.00 for external applicants

€ 190.00 for members of the ZIF Expert Roster

The course fee covers the cost of accommodation and food during the training. The program is designed to include informal evening events. We recommend therfore to stay at the course site. The fee will not be reduced if you choose not to stay at the official training location. Insurance and travel costs are not included in the course fee and will not be reimbursed.


ZIF does not offer scholarships.



Application process

Please apply for the LTO course via the ZIF database. Please click on the 'Apply Now' button on the top right side of this webpage and follow the directions that match your profile.

Important: During registration, please select the option "Training Only" in the  "Application for:" pop-up menu.

Please note that we require a short (1-2 paragraphs) and relevant motivation statement for this course.

Participants will be selected and informed shortly after the deadline has passed.