Team & Conflict Management in Peace Operations - Meeting the Challenges of Multicultural Teamwork

Next dates: 20.09.2020 - 24.09.2020
Deadline: 13.09.2020

Quick Facts

ZIF does not offer scholarships and does not cover travel costs.



Course description

As exciting and fulfilling the work in an international team in peace operations may be, as stressful it often is. The main challenge in the field is not so much the precarious security situation in the host country, but problems between colleagues and their superiors. The ZIF study on stress management, and recent consultations with mission staff, reveals that stress is primarily caused by tense relationships in the team and conflicts with superiors. Mission staff is generally prepared for the fragile security situation on the ground, but less equipped to cope with conflicts in teams. There frictions are often caused by a lack of mutual understanding and shared approaches to implementing the mission’s mandate. This is also due to insufficient preparation to harness the diversity in teams. In other cases, mission personnel struggles with a lack of support from their superiors, or the opposite too high expectations and micromanagement.

Good cooperation and mutual support in the team as well as between staff members and their superiors are among other things prerequisites for team resilience, a productive working environment and ultimately the implementation of the mandate. This requires a set of competences amongst mission staff and leaders, including intercultural communication, conflict management, self-reflection, leadership as well as team and trust-building. The course offers participants the opportunity to test, reflect upon and further develop their knowledge and skills in leadership, teamwork and conflict management. Hereby, the course fills a gap on the European training market for the preparation of civilian, police and military personnel for peace operations.

The course was developed by the Bundespolizeiakademie Lübeck and ZIF within the framework of the Training Partner Platform (TPP).



Learning objectives and course content

Learning Objectives


By the end of the course, participants 

  • recognize and reflect upon the role of culture and cultural diversity in peace operations,
  • are able to communicate effectively and sensitively in culturally diverse settings, including between military, civilian and police mission staff,
  • know how to use tools for team- and trust building in mission contexts,
  • are able to analyze interpersonal conflicts and to reflect their own responses to conflicts,
  • can apply techniques to manage interpersonal conflicts,
  • understand leadership concepts and styles, including commonalties and difference for military, civilians and police and
  • can apply leadership tools to empower and motivate a team.

Course modules


1.a. Introduction to intercultural competence - mandatory pre-course online module (1h & 30min)
1.b. Mission context, cultural diversity & stereotypes
2. Communication & motivation
3. Understanding and responding to interpersonal / intercultural conflicts
4. Techniques for managing interpersonal / intercultural conflicts
5. Team & trust-building
6. Leadership of multicultural teams in missions


This training is based on the principles of self-directed and participant-centered learning, using interactive and participatory methods and activities. 




Course audience

The course is geared towards civilian, police and military experts who have worked or who will be working in peace operations of the UN, EU, OSCE or other organizations. This may also include election observation missions. 

Group Size


Course venue

The training takes place at the Federal Police College in Lübeck.



Course fee

For members of the ZIF Expert Roster


The cost are €250.00/week plus board. Insurance and travel costs are not included in the course fee and will not be reimbursed.

ZIF does not offer scholarships.

For external applicants

For external applicants the costs are 530.00/week plus board. Insurance, visa and travel costs are not included.



Application process

For members of the ZIF Expert Roster


If you are a member of the ZIF Expert Roster, please apply via your profile in the ZIF database by clicking on the 'Apply Now' button on the top right side of this webpage and following the directions. If the application deadline has passed, please contact the ZIF course contact person directly.


Please note that we require a short and relevant motivation statement (min. 2 paragraphs, max. 1 page) for this course.


For external applicants
All external applicants send their application (motivation letter and CV) to Svenja Wolter at training(at) You cannot apply for this course via the ZIF database.