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EUTM Somalia: Bundestag stimmt Mandatsverlängerung zu (26.03.2015)

Der Bundestag hat am 26. März die Fortsetzung der deutschen Beteiligung an der EU-geführten Ausbildungsmission EUTM Somalia beschlossen. Das neue Mandat sieht einen Einsatz der Bundeswehr bis Ende März 2016 vor.

The perils of peacekeeping in unstabilized environments (26.03.2015)

MINUSMA operations in Mali confirm that peacekeeping missions are increasingly being conducted in complex and asymmetric environments. … MINUSMA has taken innovative steps to adapt to this hostile environment.

Islamic State fighters take on Libya's rival government forces (26.03.2015)

Militants claiming allegiance to Islamic State fought forces loyal to Libya's two rival governments in the central city of Sirte and further east in Benghazi, a Libyan news agency and residents said on Wednesday.

Libya rivals discuss UN-backed peace proposals: envoy (26.03.2015)

Libya's rival parliaments discussed Wednesday proposals unveiled a day earlier aimed at ending violence and establishing a provisional government, UN envoy Bernardino Leon said.

EU gives boost to Guinea-Bissau after years of instability (26.03.2015)

International donors pledged more than €1 billion for Guinea-Bissau on Wednesday to support a 10-year development plan aimed at giving the country a new start after prolonged political instability.

UN cuts 2,000 troops from DR Congo peace force (26.03.2015)

The UN Security Council on Thursday voted to cut 2,000 troops from the UN peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo despite calls from Kinshasa for a bigger drawdown.

UN boosts peacekeepers in Central African Republic by 1,000 (26.03.2015)

The 15-member council unanimously approved the request by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for an additional 750 troops and 280 police, which takes the mandated strength of the operation to nearly 13,000 uniformed personnel. The council also approved another 20 corrections officers, to help reopen...

Burundi ruling party officials ask president to drop third term quest (26.03.2015)

Dozens of senior officials in Burundi's ruling party have urged President Pierre Nkurunziza to abandon a quest for a third term this June to avoid renewed violence in the landlocked central African nation.

South Sudan president threatens to order army to pursue rebels (25.03.2015)

South Sudanese president Salva Kiir said he will no longer tolerate rebels carrying out attacks on government positions, threatening to order his troops to pursue rebel forces despite the risk of international sanctions.

Libyan activists 'under attack' by all sides: UN report (25.03.2015)

Activists speaking up against abuses in war-torn Libya face reprisals from all sides in the chaotic conflict, and are increasingly being threatened, attacked, abducted and killed, the UN warned in a report Wednesday.