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France urges special Libya support (28.08.2014)

France is calling for "exceptional support" for Libya, warning the country could fall into chaos without United Nations intervention. … His comments come a day after the UN Security Council called for an immediate ceasefire in Libya.

Security Council extends African Union-UN mission for 10 more months (27.08.2014)

The Security Council today extended the mandate of the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) until 30 June 2015, while requesting the peacekeeping mission to focus on strategic priorities such as the improved protection of civilians and humanitarian workers, along with...

IGAD says South Sudan Peace 'Matrix' signed, opposition says it's not (27.08.2014)

East African bloc IGAD on Wednesday congratulated the South Sudanese government and opposition for signing a blueprint, called the matrix, to end an eight-month conflict that has claimed thousands of lives and driven the young country to the edge of famine. … But chief opposition negotiator, Taban...

UN compound attacked in northern Mali (27.08.2014)

A UN compound located in Aguelhoc, in northeastern Mali, about 150 km from the Algerian border, has been hit by rockets without causing any casualties, the UN Mission stabilization reported Wednesday. … The attacks came ahead of the resumption of peace talks between Malian separatist forces and the...

Recent Libya fighting ‘unprecedented in gravity,’ warns outgoing UN envoy (27.08.2014)

In recent days, armed battles, inflamed by airstrikes and fuelled by deep divisions among Libyan political factions have been “unprecedented in their gravity and very alarming,” the outgoing United Nations envoy to that country told the Security Council today.

UN to impose sanctions on Libyan militia leaders (27.08.2014)

The UN Security Council has passed a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in Libya and sanctions against those involved in the surge in violence there between rival militias.

Security council urges "neutralization" of Rwandan rebels in Congo (27.08.2014)

The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday called for the "swift neutralization" of Rwandan rebels in Democratic Republic of the Congo as essential to bringing stability to the conflict-torn eastern regions of the country.

UN cargo helicopter downed in South Sudan, killing 3 (26.08.2014)

A U.N. cargo helicopter crashed Tuesday in South Sudan's Unity state killing three crew members and injuring another, the U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan said. A U.N. official told The Associated Press that it appears the aircraft was shot down.

AMISOM capture Somali towns from al- Shabaab (26.08.2014)

Somalia forces supported by African Union peacekeepers have liberated the strategic town of Tiyeeglow in Bakool region from al-Shabaab fighters in the latest attack dubbed Operation Indian Ocean.

Mali’s separatist groups hold talks in Burkina Faso (26.08.2014)

Malian Tuareg and Arab armed groups began Tuesday in Ouagadougou discussions to find common grounds ahead of meeting in September with the Malian government for peace talks in the Algerian capital, Algiers.