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EUTM commander warns of possible failure in Somali army training programme (26.02.2015)

The outgoing commander of the European Union Training Mission (EUTM) in Somalia, Brigadier General Massimo Mingiardi, says the mission will fail to achieve its objectives of setting up, training and equiping a professional Somali National Army (SNA) unless the US and European Union make the long...

Bundestag stimmt für längeren Mali-Einsatz (26.02.2015)

Der Bundeswehreinsatz im Rahmen der EU-geführten Ausbildungsmission EUTM Mali (European Union Training Mission Mali) wird fortgesetzt. … Damit kann Deutschland ab August dieses Jahres erstmals die Führung bei EUTM Mali übernehmen. Wie in dem Antrag der Bundesregierung gefordert, können nun...

Libya: Getting Geneva Right – new ICG report (26.02.2015)

After six months of worsening clashes, Libya is on the brink of all-out civil war and catastrophic state collapse. All parties must press the two rival authorities to join a national unity government, resolutely uphold the UN arms embargo, and persuade regional actors to stop fuelling the conflict.

UN Security Council considers sanctions on South Sudan (25.02.2015)

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is considering sanctions on both sides of the South Sudanese conflict for continued fighting despite several commitments to honour a signed ceasefire agreement.

US nominates first ambassador to Somalia since 1991 (25.02.2015)

President Obama names long-time diplomat Katherine Dhanani as potential envoy, to mark nations' deepening relationship.

UN Libya mission urges country’s stakeholders to pursue next round of talks (25.02.2015)

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) announced today that it is undertaking a series of urgent consultations with stakeholders in the North African country to ensure the convening of the next round of talks soon and “not let this window of opportunity slip away.”

DR Congo launches strikes against FDLR Hutu rebels (25.02.2015)

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has launched its first strikes as part of a long-awaited offensive against Rwandan Hutu rebels. Ministers had previously pledged to target the FDLR militants after they failed to meet a deadline to disarm last month. … The UN mission in DR Congo recently...

«Mission accomplie», les Européens rentrent de Bangui (25.02.2015)

C’est le temps du retour pour les militaires et gendarmes européens engagés dans l’opération européenne EUFOR RCA. Après le départ des détachements polonais et allemand, partis la semaine dernière, il restait environ 550 personnels sur place. Ce chiffre devrait fondre rapidement.

South Sudan warring sides discuss foreign troop withdrawal (24.02.2015)

Delegates at peace talks for South Sudan have reached preliminary agreement on withdrawing foreign forces that have been fighting in the country since conflict broke out 14 months ago, a participant in the negotiations said Tuesday.

South Sudan gripped by ‘serious failure of leadership’, warns top UN official (24.02.2015)

“The volatile security environment is a direct illustration of the parties’ continued lack of political will,” UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Hervé Ladsous told the Security Council in a briefing. “The Government and opposition do not seem to take the political negotiations...