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United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UN-geführt)
Beginn: 10/11

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European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EU)

Beginn: 05/13

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European Union Naval Force Mediterranean (EU)

Beginn: 06/15

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“Only a few gaps” in Tunis talks says UNSMIL (18.10.2017)

UNSMIL has produced a surprisingly bullish summary of today’s resumed Joint Drafting Committee talks in Tunis, saying there were only a few remaining gaps to be filled before agreement could be reached.

Explainer: How the UN plans to unite Libya (12.10.2017)

In this video, Tim Eaton explains the UN-brokered plan to bring the different rival factions in Libya together in order to govern the country going forwards.

Security Council endorses UN plan on restarting political process (10.10.2017)

The Security Council today endorsed the United Nations’ action plan to resume an inclusive political process in Libya. In a Presidential Statement, the 15-member body strongly urged all Libyans to work together in a spirit of compromise and to engage constructively in the inclusive political...

EU aims to reopen embassy in Libya (10.10.2017)

The European Union is seeking to reopen its embassy in Libya pending security conditions, officials said on Tuesday, offering further political support for the Tripoli government struggling to establish control.

Security Council re-authorizes operations to disrupt migrant smuggling off coast of Libya (05.10.2017)

The Security Council today extended by one year the authorization for Member States to inspect vessels on the high seas off the coast of Libya that they have reasonable grounds to suspect are being used for migrant smuggling or human trafficking.

‘Positive atmosphere’ as Libyans propose political changes (03.10.2017)

The Libyan dialogue committees of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the State Council (SC) have agreed on the latest proposed amendments to the Libyan Political Agreement which will reduce the capacity of the Presidential Council from nine members to three and see the prime minister appointed...

EU mission struggling in Libya, internal report says (02.10.2017)

The EU's mission to Libya, EUbam, has provided a bleak assessment of the country amid strained efforts to shore up its cooperation with authorities. An internal EUbam paper from mid-September, seen by EUobserver, described the ministries and coordination among the internationally-recognised Libyan...

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