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EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia

European Union Naval Force - Mediterranean Operation Sophia (EU)

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European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EU)

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United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UN-geführt)
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Conflict erupts for control of Libya's largest oil field (08.02.2019)

Fighting has broken out over the future of Libya’s largest oil field, as forces loyal to the UN-recognised Tripoli-based government battle Libyan National Army (LNA) forces led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, the leading figure in fractured Libya’s east.

Lack of funds could put more than half of Libya local elections on hold (06.02.2019)

At least 69 municipal councils out of 120 in Libya may not hold elections in March due to a lack of funding by the UN-backed government according to the head of the elections committee. … UNSMIL along with the United Nations Development Programme has been offering technical and logistical support...

East Libya forces say UN envoy is an opponent (24.01.2019)

The forces controlling eastern Libya regard UN envoy Ghassan Salame as an enemy contributing to the North African nation’s violent crisis, a spokesman said. The strong criticism followed the UN Libya mission’s expression of “deep concern” about a deployment of troops from the Libyan National Army...

Germany pulls out of Mediterranean migrant mission Sophia (23.01.2019)

Germany is suspending participation in Operation Sophia, the EU naval mission targeting human trafficking in the Mediterranean. The decision reportedly relates to Italy's reluctance to allow rescued people to disembark.

Libyan authorities must shoulder the burden to support country’s ‘vulnerable’ south (18.01.2019)

Despite years of promises to address the “vulnerable heart” of Libya – the country’s south – conditions around its water and oil resource wealth have continued to deteriorate at “an alarming rate”, the United Nations envoy for the country told the Security Council. … While UNSMIL has built a...

Clashes between rival groups (16.01.2019)

Wednesday's fighting in Tripoli violated a UN-brokered ceasefire signed four months ago. … The internationally recognised government in Tripoli, backed by the United Nations, has been working on a new security plan since the ceasefire deal but achieved little as Libya, long a major oil producer,...

UNSMIL warns against resumption of south Tripoli militia fighting (16.01.2019)

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) has today strongly condemned the recent military mobilisation of militias in southern Tripoli. It said it is monitoring the situation closely. It warned parties against any breach of the Zawia ceasefire agreement concluded on 4 and 9 September...

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