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United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UN-geführt)
Beginn: 10/11

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European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EU)

Beginn: 05/13

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European Union Naval Force Mediterranean (EU)

Beginn: 06/15

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Libya attack: French soldiers die in helicopter crash (21.07.2016)

Three French soldiers have died in Libya after their helicopter was shot down, President Francois Hollande says. The soldiers were killed while carrying out "dangerous intelligence operations", Mr Hollande said. … Earlier on Wednesday, French defence ministry spokesman Stephane Le Foll confirmed...

UN-backed government condemns France for not coordinating military presence (21.07.2016)

Libya's U.N.-backed unity government has said France had not coordinated with it over the presence of French troops in Libya and that it would not compromise on its sovereignty after France announced the deaths of three of its soldiers there.

Operation Sophia extended for another year (14.07.2016)

The European Union Naval Force’s Mediterranean Sea operation to disrupt human smugglers and traffickers has been extended by a year to July 27, 2017. Operation Sophia has also had two additional supporting tasks conferred on it for the next 12 months.

Kobler suggests three military command councils (13.07.2016)

To overcome the key sticking point in the Libya Political Agreement, the command of the armed forces could be decentralised, UNSMIL chief Martin Kobler has proposed.

Four ministers resign from Libya's UN-backed government: statement (01.07.2016)

Four ministers in Libya's UN-backed government resigned on Friday in a setback for its efforts to extend its influence and unify rival factions.

Data analysis: domestic forces could stabilize Libya (29.06.2016)

The advancement into Sirte and surrounding areas by Operation Bunyan Marsous (“Solid Structure”) forces from May to June this year inflicted a major setback on the Islamic State (ISIS) within Libya. Led by the country’s new Government of National Accord (GNA), the operation recaptured several key...

Heavy fighting against Islamic militants in Benghazi, Sirte (22.06.2016)

Forces loyal to Libya’s new “national unity” government in Tripoli have reportedly made gains inside the Islamic State-held coastal city of Sirte, while forces loyal to the rival government in Tobruk say they have pushed back al-Qaida militants in Benghazi.

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