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United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UN-geführt)
Beginn: 10/11

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European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EU)

Beginn: 05/13

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European Union Naval Force Mediterranean (EU)

Beginn: 06/15

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Libya unity government bid hits snag over defence portfolio (10.02.2016)

Efforts to hammer out a Libyan unity government are stumbling over the defence portfolio, an official said Wednesday, as the internationally recognised parliament set a new deadline for a line-up.

As unification hopes shrink, ISIS grows in Libya (09.02.2016)

The struggle to unify Libya continues, with various domestic actors posing obstacles to United Nations-sponsored efforts. In the meantime, conflict continues to plague the center of the country as militants linked to the so-called Islamic State (ISIS) continue to take control of territory and...

Obama is pressed to open military front against ISIS in Libya (04.02.2016)

But Mr. Obama, wary of embarking on an intervention in another strife-torn country, has told his aides to redouble their efforts to help form a unity government in Libya at the same time the Pentagon refines its options, which include airstrikes, commando raids or advising vetted Libyan militias on...

$166 million UN-backed humanitarian appeal barely one per cent funded (01.02.2016)

Almost two months after its launch, a humanitarian appeal to aid 1.3 million vulnerable people in conflict-torn Libya is 99 per cent unfunded, a senior United Nations official for the North African country warned today, calling on the international community to step up to the plate.

EU, Africa urge unity government in Libya to counter IS (31.01.2016)

In Libya itself, prime minister-designate Fayez al-Sarraj met controversial army chief General Khalifa Haftar as part of a series of encounters to press the creation of a UN-backed unity cabinet. The meeting came as African Union leaders at a summit in Addis Ababa called for a political solution in...

EU considering sanctions on Libyans blocking peace – diplomats (26.01.2016)

The European Union is discussing imposing travel bans and asset freezes on at least two Libyans seen as blocking efforts by the United Nations to form a government of national unity … Nouri Abusahmain, the head of Libya's General National Congress, one of two rival parliaments, and Khalifa...

Libya conflict: UN-backed unity government rejected (25.01.2016)

Libya's internationally recognised parliament has rejected a unity government named last week under a UN-brokered deal aimed at uniting the country's warring factions. The vote is seen as a major blow to UN efforts to unify the country's two rival parliaments.

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