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UN Mission in South Sudan
Beginn: 07/11

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International pressure mounts to end South Sudan war: diplomats (09.04.2015)

Heavyweight international powers will pressure South Sudan's leaders to end civil war, diplomats said Thursday, with the African Union, United Nations, United States and China to kickstart stalled peace talks.

More South Sudanese seek shelter at UN bases (07.04.2015)

In a sign of worsening problems in South Sudan, convulsed by civil war and intensifying hunger for more than a year, the United Nations said Tuesday that an increasing number of displaced South Sudanese are seeking shelter and protection at its peacekeeping outposts.

South Sudan rejects Troika involvement in peace talks (31.03.2015)

… The regional mediators had proposed an IGAD-Plus structure that will bring in other African regions, including South Sudan development partners such as African Union, the UN, China and the Troika nations (United Kingdom, United States and Norway).

South Sudan president threatens to order army to pursue rebels (25.03.2015)

South Sudanese president Salva Kiir said he will no longer tolerate rebels carrying out attacks on government positions, threatening to order his troops to pursue rebel forces despite the risk of international sanctions.

South Sudan Parliament votes to delay elections 3 years (24.03.2015)

South Sudanese lawmakers voted Tuesday to delay elections and extend the terms of all elected officials, including President Salva Kiir, the National Assembly and state governors, by three years -- a year longer than the Cabinet called for last month.

Security Council urges ‘effective, comprehensive’ steps to end tensions in South Sudan (24.03.2015)

The United Nations Security Council has voiced its “profound disappointment” at the failure of all parties in South Sudan to conclude an agreement that would bring the country closer to resolving its ongoing conflict and usher in a period of national unity and peace.

South Sudan's Kiir shrugs off UN threat of sanctions (18.03.2015)

Kiir also told South Sudanese at a rally in Juba that the government was ready to continue fighting rebels if they preferred war, comments likely to frustrate African mediators and Western powers trying to end more than a year of conflict.

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