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UN Interim Security Force in Abyei (UN-geführt)
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South Sudan rejects holding unilateral referendum vote on Abyei (23.10.2013)

South Sudan said on Wednesday that it does not support the conduct of a unilateral referendum to determine the final status of the oil-contested border region of Abyei, questioning what its outcome would achieve if it is not recognised by either country.

Juba stops public media campaigns for Abyei referendum (16.10.2013)

South Sudanese government unexpectedly issued strong administrative instructions, suspending all announcements and mobilisation campaigns in support of the Abyei referendum, according to senior officials.

Abyei: South Sudan maintains support for October vote (13.10.2013)

South Sudan maintains its full support of October’s unilateral vote to determine the final status of Abyei, despite the failure to reach a deal with neighbouring Sudan, its vice-president said Friday.

Abyei’s dangerous impasse (10.10.2013)

The crisis is one of sovereign identity, and has roots almost a century old. Hopes that it would be settled this month by a referendum are likely to be dashed: few of the necessary preparations are in place and Khartoum is against holding such a vote now.

AU urges “urgent” resumption of discussions on Abyei (28.09.2013)

Participants who attended the consultative meeting welcomed the AUPSC (AU Peace and Security Council) decision to visit Abyei in October and that it looks forward to its assessment and recommendations.

Abyei community declare October "decision month" (15.09.2013)

Senior politicians and community leaders from Abyei have set next month for the conduct of the long-awaited self-determination referendum in the region, but are yet to agree on the date.

Abyei citizens want referendum to go ahead despite Sudan’s rejection (10.09.2013)

Representatives from various civil society and faith-based organisations from the contested Abyei region took to the street on Tuesday to protest the failure of Sudan and South Sudan to agree on a date for a proposed referendum, warning that they would decide their own destiny if the two sides...