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United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (UN-Geführt)
Beginn: 04/91

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AU limits its role in Western Sahara crisis (11.09.2018)

A restricted role for the African Union could set a bad precedent for other conflict situations.

How the latest AU decision on Western Sahara could affect other crises (22.08.2018)

At its 31st summit in Nouakchott, Mauritania the African Union (AU) decided to limit its own peace efforts in the Western Sahara in order to support the process led by the United Nations (UN). … The move is a big win for Morocco, which believes the AU-led efforts are biased. However, it could set a...

AU summit 31: The Western Sahara debate heats up (28.06.2018)

A new report sees the AU formally trying to resolve Africa’s longest-standing conflict.

Iran denies Morocco accusation of arming secessionists (02.05.2018)

Iran's Foreign Ministry on May 2 denied it was arming a rebel group seeking independence for Western Sahara after Morocco severed diplomatic ties with Tehran over the allegations.

Security Council renews UN mission in Western Sahara (27.04.2018)

The Security Council on Friday extended the mandate of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Western Sahara until 31 October 2018, calling for a “realistic, practicable and enduring” political solution to end the decades old conflict.

Morocco mulling all options over Western Sahara truce threat (05.04.2018)

Morocco is considering “all options” if the United Nations does not address accusations the Polisario independence movement is threatening a 1991 ceasefire in the Western Sahara conflict, the foreign minister said.

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