Bosnien und Herzegowina

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OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina

(OSCE Long-Term Missions)
Beginn: 12/95

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Office of the High Representative (Sonstige)
Beginn: 12/95

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EUFOR Althea

EU Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EU)
Beginn: 12/04

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EU ministers slate separatist talk in Bosnia (15.04.2014)

The EU Foreign Affairs Council has condemned “unacceptable secessionist and divisive rhetoric and ideas” in Bosnia, and said the European integration process in the country had stalled because of a lack of political will among politicians.

Plenums tell Bosnia Federation government to quit (10.04.2014)

Participants from plenums from dozens of towns from the Federation, one of two entities in Bosnia, gathered on April 9 in front of the entity government building in Sarajevo and read out their demands, starting with the resignation of the Federation government. The plenum also demanded that all...

Srebrenica survivors sue Dutch government (07.04.2014)

Survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre have opened a civil suit against the Dutch government, saying Dutch peacekeepers should have protected the victims of Europe's worst massacre since World War II.

Dodik sees Bosnia as "three-state confederation" (02.04.2014)

The Serb Republic (RS) wants three states to be created in Bosnia-Herzegovina that would be "confederally tied" into that country, Milorad Dodik, has said.

Ashton says EU ready to help Bosnia speed up reforms (12.03.2014)

The EU's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton says the European Union is ready to expand its engagement in Bosnia to help it speed up economic and social reforms after mass protests last month.

Croatia Ex-President presents 'Dayton 2' for Bosnia (10.03.2014)

Mesic said in Mostar on Friday that it was a time for an international conference on a new constitutional make-up for the country to replace the one imposed under the 1995 Dayton peace agreement that ended the war - but his proposal was immediately rejected by the Bosnian Serb leadership.

Bosnian Croat leader urges three-unit federation (05.03.2014)

Amid talk of a third, Croat entity in Bosnia, a Bosnian Croat leader has said that another solution would be reorganising the current Federation entity, with its 10 cantons, into three larger units.

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