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EUBAM Moldova and Ukraine

European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EU)
Mandatiert seit: 11/05

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OSCE Mission to Moldova

(OSCE Long-Term Missions)
Mandatiert seit: 02/93

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Joint Peacekeeping Force

Beginn: 07/92

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Election may keep Moldova in 'grey zone' between West and Russia (13.02.2019)

An election in Moldova this month looks likely to produce a hung parliament, entrenching a split between pro-Western and pro-Russian forces at a time when concerns over corruption and democracy have soured its relations with the European Union.

Oligarchs have 'captured Moldova', EU resolution warns (10.10.2018)

MEPs have adopted a highly critical resolution on Moldova, calling attention to its corruption and blatant disrespect for democratic standards – and urging the EU to cut off financial support.

Thousands protest against government in Moldovan capital (26.08.2018)

Thousands of people have rallied in Moldova's capital to protest against the Democratic Party-led government. The August 26 rally was the latest in a series of protests against the government, protests that have been driven in large part by Romanians and Moldovans living out of the county.

Moldova delays parliamentary elections until 2019 (27.07.2018)

Moldova's ruling Democratic Party delayed the next parliamentary elections, scheduled for autumn 2018, to early 2019 – after rushing through a package of highly controversial laws.

NATO urges Russia to withdraw troops from Moldova (12.07.2018)

The final declaration of NATO's Summit in Brussels has called on Russia to withdraw troops stationed in all three Eastern Partnership countries – Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

OSCE hopes for talks on Russian withdrawal from Transnistria (27.03.2018)

OSCE representative Franco Frattini said that after Moldova makes progress on other issues with Transnistria, the OSCE could open discussions with Moscow about a troop withdrawal from the breakaway region.

Envoy: Russia, Ukraine equally vital for Transdniester resolution (12.03.2018)

The new OSCE envoy for the Transdniester conflict says that Russia and Ukraine have equally important roles in resolving the decades-old dispute between Moldova and its eastern breakaway region.

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