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OSCE Mission to Skopje

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December election date in question in Macedonia (12.10.2016)

The Macedonian parliament's failure to dissolve threatens to delay the agreed December 11 date for snap elections, which are supposed to pave a way out of the country's political crisis.

Macedonia parties agree on election date in December (31.08.2016)

Political parties in Macedonia have agreed to hold an early parliamentary vote on December 11. Polls, originally set for April this year, have been cancelled twice.

Macedonia parties renew crisis deal (20.07.2016)

Macedonia’s four main political parties have reached a new EU/US-brokered crisis deal on Wednesday in Skopje, but pushed the selection of a date for new elections to the end of August.

Modest progress reported at Macedonia crisis talks (13.07.2016)

Fresh EU and US brokered inter-party talks on Tuesday are set to resume on Wednesday following reports that some agreement was reached on key issues.

US, EU envoys expected to revive Macedonia talks (30.06.2016)

Senior US and EU envoys are expected to launch a diplomatic offensive in Macedonia in early July, aimed at hammering out a new deal on resolving the country's deep political crisis.

Macedonian parliament rejects move to impeach president Ivanov (22.06.2016)

The Macedonian parliament rejected a motion to impeach President Gjorge Ivanov over his decision to pardon 56 officials involved in a wiretap scandal that triggered a year-long political crisis.

German envoy optimistic on Macedonian crisis talks (08.06.2016)

The German envoy sent to help resolve the Macedonian crisis, Johannes Haindl, said there was a way out if guidelines from last year's EU-brokered agreement are followed, but warned time was running out.