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UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UN-Geführt)
Beginn: 03/64

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Security Council extends mandate of UN missions in Cyprus (30.07.2014)

In extending the mandate of the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus, known as UNFICYP, until 31 January 2015, the Council acknowledged the progress made so far in the UN-facilitated negotiations aimed at reunifying the divided Mediterranean island nation.

Norwegian General becomes first woman commander to head UN peacekeeping force (13.05.2014)

For the first time, a woman will command a UN peacekeeping force, after Norway's Major General Kristin Lund was appointed to lead troops in Cyprus. … She will replace China's Major General Chao Liu on 13 August.

Cypriot leaders seeking settlement 'soon as possible' (11.02.2014)

Greek- and Turkish-Cypriot leaders vowed to seek an end to the island's four-decade division "as soon as possible," relaunching peace talks Tuesday after nearly a two-year hiatus.

A little something new: Cyprus talks begin (11.02.2014)

What’s new in these talks? The talks’ goal, a bizonal, bicommunal federation for Cyprus, is not new; the UN-facilitated parameters are much the same; and many of those involved in the talks are veteran negotiators. … There are, however, three new aspects that have excited some diplomatic hopes.

Cyprus says could be close to peace talks breakthrough (05.02.2014)

Cyprus said on Wednesday it was close to reviving stalled peace talks between the island's Greek and Turkish communities who have been locked in a festering, decades-old conflict that is harming Turkey's hopes of joining the EU.

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