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United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UN-Geführt)
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Israel and Jordan reopen key border crossings with Syria (15.10.2018)

Israel on Monday reopened its Quneitra crossing in the Golan Heights to UN observers who had left the area in 2014 amid fierce fighting between Syrian regime forces and rebels. Another vital border crossing between Jordan and Syria was also opened in what will be a welcome boost to Syrian President...

Russia to patrol Golan Heights (14.08.2018)

The Russian military said Tuesday that its forces in Syria will help U.N. peacekeepers fully restore patrols along the frontier with the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, reflecting Moscow's deepening role in mediating between the decades-old foes.

Security Council renews mandate of UNDOF (30.06.2018)

Unanimously adopting resolution 2426 (2018), on Friday, the 15-memer Security Council renewed, until 31 December, the mandate of UNDOF, adding that there should be “no military activity” of any kind in the area of separation between Israel and Syria, including Syrian military operations and those...

Israeli minister says U.S. may soon recognize Israel's hold on Golan (23.05.2018)

Intelligence Minister Israel Katz described endorsement of Israel’s 51-year-old hold on the Golan as the proposal now “topping the agenda” in bilateral diplomatic talks with the United States.

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