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Peacetime spells death for Colombia’s activists (13.10.2018)

After signing a peace deal with its largest rebel group, the FARC, the country saw its homicide rate fall to the lowest point in decades. Now killings are on the rise.

Reintegrating former rebels into civilian life a ‘serious concern’: UN Mission chief (10.10.2018)

[…] Jean Arnault warned members of the Security Council that the vast majority of those being reintegrated still have no clear economic prospects or livelihoods, once the monthly sum they currently receive as part of the peace process, comes to an end next August. The Colombian National Council for...

Colombia urges rebels who left reintegration area to return (10.10.2018)

Colombia's foreign minister on Wednesday urged leaders of the rebel group that signed a peace agreement with the government and left camps for ex-guerrillas to return "and not get lost, once again, on the path of violence and illegality.''

Haitian President calls for essential development aid as UN mission shifts away from peacekeeping (27.09.2018)

Haitian President Jovenel Moïse on Thursday called on the international community to provide the necessary development aid as the Caribbean island nation prepares for the transition nest year of the United Nations mission to a non-peacekeeping presence in the country.

Colombia’s ELN rebels urge Duque to honor made agreements (25.09.2018)

Colombia’s ELN rebels rejected President Ivan Duque‘s demand on Monday to end all illegal activity and challenged his credibility for allegedly failing to respect made agreements. The country’s last-standing guerrilla group released an editorial on its website in which it fiercely rejected the...

Colombia cocaine output soars to Clinton-era peaks (19.09.2018)

Colombia’s cocaine production has never been higher, surpassing levels seen before U.S. President Bill Clinton launched the Plan Colombia counter-narcotics program. The amount of land planted with coca shrubs rose 17 percent to 171,000 hectares last year, enough raw material to produce 1,379 tons...

Colombia struck a peace deal with Guerrillas, but many return to arms (18.09.2018)

[…] The peace accords signed in 2016 by then-President Juan Manuel Santos and the rebels were meant to bring an end to five decades of fighting that left at least 220,000 dead and nearly 6 million people displaced from their homes. Behind the agreement, though, loomed a fear: That many of the...

Security Council extends mandate of UN peace operation through next September (13.09.2018)

[…] Adopting a separate resolution 2435 (2018), the Security Council also extended by a year, the mandate of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia.

Colombian rebels release hostages amid stalled peace talks (13.09.2018)

Colombia’s last remaining rebel group, the ELN, has released six people it kidnapped last month. … President Ivan Duque suspended peace talks with the ELN shortly after taking office last month and demanded the group stop all of its criminal activities, including kidnappings, and release all of...