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New Colombia Truth Commission to focus on society's 'most fragile' (16.05.2018)

The head of a new commission formed to expose the truth behind human rights abuses committed during Colombia's long civil war has said it will focus on society's "most fragile" and look at why sexual violence against women was so prominent.

Colombia’s government and ELN rebels resume peace talks in Cuba (10.05.2018)

Peace talks between Colombia’s government and last-standing guerrilla group, the ELN, resumed in Cuba on Thursday. … Both the state and the ELN confirmed that at the top of the peace agenda is to establish the aforementioned bilateral ceasefire, with hopes it can be achieved ahead of the May 27...

Colombia truth commission takes force to seek answers for 8.5 million victims (09.05.2018)

The truth commission meant to clarify why Colombia’s armed conflict degenerated into victimizing more than eight million people was inaugurated by President Juan Manuel Santos on Tuesday. The 11- member commission began its preliminary investigations months ago already and will be expected to...

Colombia seeks new ceasefire with ELN before elections (25.04.2018)

The chief negotiator of Colombia’s government said Tuesday that he hopes to have agreement on a ceasefire with ELN guerrillas before the first presidential election round next month.

UN Security Council concerned over increased violence in Colombia (20.04.2018)

The United Nations Security Council expressed concern for continued insecurity in Colombia on Thursday and called on the national government to assume territorial control. The Security Council said so in a statement after mission chief Jean Arnault informed the international body of progress in an...

Ecuador suspends mediation of Colombia peace talks (19.04.2018)

President Lenin Moreno said Wednesday that he is suspending Ecuador’s role as a mediator in peace talks between the Colombian government and that nation’s last major rebel army. … Moreno told Colombia’s RCN network that he made the decision because the National Liberation Army continues to carry...

Colombians flee homes amid fresh violence, forced lockdown by rebels (19.04.2018)

Thousands of Colombians have fled their homes amid fresh clashes among armed rebels and a lockdown on transport and trade in the volatile northeast Catatumbo region, the Organization of American States (OAS) and aid agencies said on Wednesday. … Waging battles are the National Liberation Army (ELN)...

UN mission in Haiti extended for another year (10.04.2018)

Disagreement in the international community over whether Haiti remains a threat to the region’s peace and security overshadowed the decision Tuesday by the U.N. Security Council to extend its support mission in the Caribbean nation for another year.

FARC says peace process at risk after arrest of ex-rebel (10.04.2018)

Colombia's peace deal with the former FARC rebels is at risk of failure after the arrest of a soon-to-be congressman from the now-political party on drug trafficking charges, the group said on Tuesday.

UN eyes transition of Haiti role from peacekeeping to development (03.04.2018)

“While achieving results should remain our common priority, we have already started to prepare for a transition to a non-peacekeeping presence, based on lessons learned in Haiti and in other contexts,” the Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, told the Security...