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Colombia’s government hints it could make peace talks with ELN illegal (17.01.2019)

Colombia’s peace commissioner said Wednesday that the government is considering steps that would block the possibility of resuming peace talks with the country’s ELN guerrillas. Peace commissioner Miguel Ceballos told press in Bogota that the National Security Council would meet in a month and...

Colombia’s state admits to assassinating 348 social leaders between 1985 and 2016 (13.01.2019)

Colombia’s state officials assassinated at least 348 social leaders and human rights defenders between 1985 and 2016, the chief prosecutor said in a report on war crimes committed by the state.

Colombia Farc: 85 ex-rebels killed since peace deal (01.01.2019)

Most of the murders were by illegal armed groups and drug gangs fighting over former Farc territories, UN chief Antonio Guterres said in a report. Mr Guterres urged Colombian President Ivan Duque, a vocal critic of the peace deal, to do more to protect ex-rebels.

Mission in transition: planning for the end of UN peacekeeping in Haiti (26.12.2018)

The process of reconfiguring, closing, and handing over responsibilities to a UN country team or host-state institutions is a crucial—and challenging—part of the life cycle of a UN peacekeeping mission. … This paper focuses on the two most recent peacekeeping transitions in Haiti: one from the UN...

ELN announces unilateral Christmas ceasefire, reiterates call to resume peace talks (17.12.2018)

Colombia’s ELN rebels announced on Sunday that they would cease attacks during the holidays and called on the government to resume suspended peace talks. The ELN’s Central Command said that the unilateral ceasefire between December 23 and January 3 meant “to contribute to a climate of tranquility...

‘Laden with challenges’ but also hope, Mission chief tells Security Council (12.12.2018)

Triggered by violent demonstrations and numerous allegations of government mismanagement of public funds, and “worrying episodes” of violence in some Port-au-Prince neighbourhoods, Special Representative Helen La Lime said that although progress has been slow, the UN Mission for Justice Support in...

UN replaces Colombia’s peace process’ chief observer (10.12.2018)

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres announced today the appointment of Carlos Ruiz Massieu of Mexico as his Special Representative for Colombia and Head of the United Nations Verification Mission in Colombia. Mr. Ruiz Massieu will succeed Jean Arnault of France, to whom the Secretary...

“The truth will be built together”: Colombia’s Truth Commission president (03.12.2018)

Colombia faces the monumental challenge of building “a painful truth” while finding out what happened during the country’s armed conflict that killed more than 260,000, according to the the President of the Truth Commission. … The truth commission began its formal investigations on Thursday.