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OEA Misión de Apoyo al Proceso de Paz en Colombia - OAS Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (Other)
Beginn: 02/04

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UN Verification Mission in Colombia

Beginn: 09/17

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Colombia war tribunals hope to heal wounds, punish atrocities (12.02.2018)

[…] A number of war tribunals and truth commissions are expected to begin work once a legal framework is finalised - and that could happen by September, a government official says. Their task is to investigate those responsible for human rights atrocities committed during the war, including forced...

Colombian rebels suspend election campaign, putting peace into limbo (09.02.2018)

[…] While the decision does not send the country back to war, it does put Colombia’s peace into a kind of limbo. The former rebels’ involvement in this year’s elections was meant to signal an end to decades of political violence and was a pillar of the accords that ended 52 years of civil conflict....

Colombia’s Catholic Church to mediate talks between ELN and government (06.02.2018)

Colombia’s Catholic Church vowed on Monday to try to mediate a resumption of peace talks between the national government and the ELN, the country’s last-standing guerrilla group. … President Juan Manuel Santos suspended the talks after guerrilla attacks in the north of the country left seven...

In Colombia, two rebel groups take different paths (29.01.2018)

The FARC, whose members once terrorized the country, was holding a campaign rally this weekend. The E.L.N., a rebel group, was setting off bombs.

Colombia ‘exhausted protection measures’ for former FARC guerrillas: interior minister (24.01.2018)

Colombia’s national government has exhausted protection measures for demobilized FARC rebels, the country’s Interior Minister said Tuesday. Hours later, another former guerrilla was shot dead. Before the latest murder, the United Nations had already confirmed 36 murdered FARC members and 13 family...

Colombia’s Santos orders new ceasefire talks with ELN guerrillas (21.01.2018)

Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday ordered his chief negotiator in suspended peace talks with ELN guerrillas to return to Ecuador and negotiate a new ceasefire.

Colombia war crimes tribunal to begin hearings within 6 months: prosecutor (16.01.2018)

The war crimes tribunal that took force in Colombia on Monday should call the first war crime suspects to trial within six months, the court’s chief prosecutor said. The Special Jurisdiction for Peace, or JEP, will try thousands of former guerrillas and members of the military for the crimes and...

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