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UN Verification Mission in Colombia

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OEA Misión de Apoyo al Proceso de Paz en Colombia - OAS Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (Other)
Beginn: 02/04

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“The truth will be built together”: Colombia’s Truth Commission president (03.12.2018)

Colombia faces the monumental challenge of building “a painful truth” while finding out what happened during the country’s armed conflict that killed more than 260,000, according to the the President of the Truth Commission. … The truth commission began its formal investigations on Thursday.

Colombia asks Cuba to arrest ELN chief as peace talks remain on hold (21.11.2018)

Colombia’s government has asked Cuba to arrest “Gabino” on Tuesday on unconfirmed claims the ELN‘s top commander is in the country, according to the foreign ministry. Cuba is the temporary host of peace talks between the country’s last-standing guerrilla group and the Colombian government that...

Colombia’s FARC members massively deserting reintegration process and rearming (14.11.2018)

Some 6,500 former guerrillas of the FARC have abandoned their reintegration camps and approximately 2,000 have rearmed, according to a source close to Colombia’s peace process. Only 1,500 former FARC guerrillas of the 8,000 registered to be living in reintegration camps by United Nations peace...

Peacetime spells death for Colombia’s activists (13.10.2018)

After signing a peace deal with its largest rebel group, the FARC, the country saw its homicide rate fall to the lowest point in decades. Now killings are on the rise.

Colombia urges rebels who left reintegration area to return (10.10.2018)

Colombia's foreign minister on Wednesday urged leaders of the rebel group that signed a peace agreement with the government and left camps for ex-guerrillas to return "and not get lost, once again, on the path of violence and illegality.''

Reintegrating former rebels into civilian life a ‘serious concern’: UN Mission chief (10.10.2018)

[…] Jean Arnault warned members of the Security Council that the vast majority of those being reintegrated still have no clear economic prospects or livelihoods, once the monthly sum they currently receive as part of the peace process, comes to an end next August. The Colombian National Council for...

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