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UN Verification Mission in Colombia

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OEA Misión de Apoyo al Proceso de Paz en Colombia - OAS Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (Other)
Beginn: 02/04

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Colombia’s peace process has progressed, but is failing to affect citizens: study (10.04.2019)

The implementation of Colombia’s peace process made progress since it began in late 2016, but has so far failed to positively affect the lives of citizens, according to an extensive study. According to the Kroc Institute, which has monitored the progress of implementation of the 578 agreements made...

ELN leaders to stay in Cuba for talks while guerrillas to keep fighting in Colombia (01.04.2019)

The leaders of Colombia’s last-standing guerrilla group, the ELN, will remain in Cuba until Colombia’s President Ivan Duque agrees to resume peace talks, according to the rebels’ chief negotiator.

Colombia war crimes: Mass protests in support of special tribunal (19.03.2019)

Anger is growing over the Colombian president's attempts to make changes to a special tribunal set up to investigate war crimes.

Colombia’s foreign minister to meet with Guterres over war crimes tribunal crisis (12.03.2019)

Colombia’s foreign minister will meet with the secretary general of the United Nations after the international organization expressed “regret” over President Ivan Duque‘s refusal to sign off on the country’s war crimes tribunal.

Duque defunds Colombia’s Truth Commission (20.02.2019)

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque has defunded the Truth Commission, a key element of the country’s peace process, according to one of the commission members. The defunding is the latest in a long series of actions that are feared to undermine the peace process that was begun by Duque’s predecessor,...

Colombia’s former government and FARC negotiators reunite to “defend peace” (20.02.2019)

As President Ivan Duque appears to do everything in his power to undermine Colombia’s peace process, the negotiators that bartered the historic 2016 peace deal met again on Wednesday.

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