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United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UN-Peacebuilding)
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Powerful Afghan political leader warns against squandering peace (20.02.2019)

A prominent Afghan political leader who once had the support of some officials to lead Afghanistan's negotiating team with the Taliban, warned the president Wednesday against squandering the best opportunity at peace in more than 17 years of war.

Afghan Loya Jirga to convene next month to discuss peace talks (20.02.2019)

Afghan politicians and tribal, ethnic, and religious leaders are set to meet for at least four days next month to discuss negotiations with the Taliban, President Ashraf Ghani's special peace envoy has said.

US may trim more than 1,000 troops from Afghanistan (15.02.2019)

Even before any peace push-related drawdowns, the US military is expected to trim troop levels in Afghanistan as part of an efficiency drive by the new commander, a US general said, estimating the cuts may exceed 1,000 forces.

NATO allies discuss Afghan mission's future after proposed U.S. withdrawal (14.02.2019)

The ministers are discussing how best to use NATO's presence in Afghanistan through its Resolute Support mission to support talks with the Taliban aimed at ending the 17-year conflict.

Afghan government fires election commission (12.02.2019)

The Afghan government on Tuesday fired its election commission more than three months after chaotic parliamentary elections — the results of which have still not been announced — and ahead of July’s controversial presidential vote.

U.S. envoy: 'Long way to go' before peace deal with Afghan Taliban (08.02.2019)

The Taliban has yet to make concessions on two key U.S. demands -- implementing a cease-fire and agreeing to negotiate directly with Afghan government representatives as part of an Afghan-led, intra-Afghan peace process.

Taliban peace talks in Moscow end with hope the U.S. exits, if not too quickly (06.02.2019)

After two days of talks in Moscow, the Taliban and prominent Afghan politicians, many of them former enemies, said on Wednesday that they had charted a broad road map for ending the war in Afghanistan, which is in its 18th year. It is structured around the withdrawal of American forces from the...

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