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EUPOL Afghanistan

EU Police Mission in Afghanistan (EU)
Beginn: 06/07

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United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UN-Peacebuilding)
Beginn: 03/02

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Resolute Support


Beginn: 01/15

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Ballot shortages show lessons not learned (14.06.2014)

Election officials themselves said the shortage of ballots was actually a calculated move -- an effort to prevent the widespread fraud … that critics alleged took place during the presidential election of 2009.

Afghans to vote in run-off election as US troops exit (12.06.2014)

Afghans head to the polls Saturday for a second-round election to choose a successor to President Hamid Karzai, with the threat of Taliban attacks and fraud looming over the country's first democratic transfer of power.

Criticism over troop withdrawal emerges from beyond G.O.P. (04.06.2014)

Criticism of President Obama’s announcement that American forces would leave Afghanistan by the end of 2016 has begun to come not just from his Republican adversaries, but also from another quarter: former military officers and civilian officials who worked for years to develop and defend his...

NATO to keep around 12,000 troops in Afghanistan next year-U.S. official (04.06.2014)

A NATO-led training mission in Afghanistan next year is likely to total about 12,000 soldiers, including about 8,000 Americans, while some 1,800 Americans will conduct counter-terrorism missions, a senior U.S. military official said on Wednesday.

Taliban threaten Afghan election, warn voters to stay away (02.06.2014)

Taliban insurgents threatened Monday to attack Afghanistan's run-off presidential election, warning voters to stay away from polling stations for fear of injury or death. Afghans are due to go to the polls on June 14 to choose whether Ashraf Ghani or Abdullah Abdullah should succeed President Hamid...

Taliban infighting escalating in Afghanistan and Pakistan (30.05.2014)

The Taliban organizations in Pakistan and Afghanistan are undergoing unprecedented divisions that pose both new opportunities and challenges for the two neighbors battling insurgencies.