• Concept | Civilian Expert

    Concept | Civilian Expert

    The concept Civilian Expert lays out ZIF's expectations towards civilian experts in international peace operations and defines the basis of its training philosophy.
  • Duty of Care

    Duty of Care

    ZIF supports the development of a common understanding and approach to implement the Duty of Care to seconded civilian personnel in multilateral peace operations. The Voluntary Guidelines on the Duty of Care to Seconded Civilian Personnel have just been published – a guide for seconding and staff-receiving organizations.
  • ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL in French

    ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL in French

    Are you getting ready for a crisis management mission or already working in the field? The ENTRi handbook "IN CONTROL" is now available for download in French.
  • World Map of Peace Operations 2017/2018

    World Map of Peace Operations 2017/2018

    Fresh off the press: The new world map of peace operations is available in English and German and provides you with the latest information and numbers.
  • Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

    Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

    What exactly do civilian experts do? The following brief profiles provide some answers.
  • Peace Operations Update

    Peace Operations Update

    ZIF compiles a weekly press review on developments in conflict regions. View the interactive world map here on the website or subscribe to our weekly electronic newsletter.
  • Election Observation

    Election Observation

    In 2015, German election observers were active in Turkey, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria or Albania, amongst others. Additional EU and OSCE missions are in preparation. ZIF has been the central point of recruitment for German election observers since 2002.
  • Comprehensive Approach

    Comprehensive Approach

    The Comprehensive Approach is a core principle of German foreign and security policy. ZIF coordinates the German Training Partner Platform in cooperation with the military and the police and contributes conceptually through the Working Group on the Comprehensive Approach.
  • Training


    Peace needs professionals. Aside from a high degree of personal commitment, working in crisis regions requires adequate preparation and qualification. ZIF offers a variety of core and specialization courses.
  • Rule of Law

    Rule of Law

    Promoting the rule of law is a vital task of peace operations. ZIF’s goal is to train personnel properly and to bring together key players in fields such as anti-corruption policy and Islamic law.

Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

Human rights officers with the UN Mission in South Sudan, political advisors for the EUPOL Mission in Afghanistan, or election experts in Haiti: The Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) is Germany’s central point of reference for civilian expertise. On behalf of the Federal Government of Germany and the Bundestag, ZIF recruits and trains German civilian personnel for international peace operations and election observation missions and offers information and advice to national and international decision makers.

ZIF News

Peer Coaching "Mediation and Diplomacy" in Brussels

12.09.2017. After having successfully implemented three high-level events for diplomats of the Federal Foreign Office, the ZIF peer coaching format “Mediation and Diplomacy” was now transferred to a European context.In cooperation with the unit „Prevention of Conflict, Rule of Law/SSR, Integrated Approach,...

OCHA training in Berlin on “Coordinated Assessment and Information Management”

06.09.2017. From August 27 to September 1, 2017, ZIF hosted the “Coordinated Assessment and Information Management Training” in Berlin. The course has been developed and conducted by the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) – the organization responsible for bringing...

New ZIF Policy Briefing: Operationalizing Conflict Prevention - Peace and Development Advisors in Non-mission Settings

25.07.2017. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has stressed that conflict prevention activities should cut across all pillars of the UN’s work to help countries avert the outbreak of crises. In this latest ZIF Policy Briefing, which is part of a new series on operationalizing conflict prevention...

Third Peer Coaching „Mediation and Diplomacy“

25.07.2017. For the third time, ZIF broad together high-level diplomats from the Federal Foreign Office, members of the German Parliament and well-known international peace mediators for the peer coaching “Mediation and Diplomacy” at Schloss & Gut Liebenberg.For two days the participants shared...

New ZIF Map Peace Operations 2017/2018

14.07.2017. This map offers a comprehensive overview of the peace operations deployed by the UN, EU, AU, OSCE, and other organizations. A comparison with last year’s edition shows a moderate decline in the number of personnel deployed worldwide. This is largely due to the closures of the UN operation in Côte...

ZIF at 15! | “Fit for the Future – civilian, innovative, flexible”

27.06.2017. Fifteen years of commitment to civilian expertise in peace operations, crisis prevention and election observation – that is ZIF at 15 years. Today, we take this opportunity and celebrate our anniversary with our experts, partners and friends. Having completed our transformation process ZIF2016, one...

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