• Concept | Civilian Expert

    Concept | Civilian Expert

    The concept Civilian Expert lays out ZIF's expectations towards civilian experts in international peace operations and defines the basis of its training philosophy.
  • Duty of Care

    Duty of Care

    ZIF supports the development of a common understanding and approach to implement the Duty of Care to seconded civilian personnel in multilateral peace operations. The Voluntary Guidelines on the Duty of Care to Seconded Civilian Personnel have just been published – a guide for seconding and staff-receiving organizations.
  • ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL in French

    ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL in French

    Are you getting ready for a crisis management mission or already working in the field? The ENTRi handbook "IN CONTROL" is now available for download in French.
  • World Map of Peace Operations 2017/2018

    World Map of Peace Operations 2017/2018

    Fresh off the press: The new world map of peace operations is available in English and German and provides you with the latest information and numbers.
  • Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

    Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

    What exactly do civilian experts do? The following brief profiles provide some answers.
  • Peace Operations Update

    Peace Operations Update

    ZIF compiles a weekly press review on developments in conflict regions. View the interactive world map here on the website or subscribe to our weekly electronic newsletter.
  • Election Observation

    Election Observation

    In 2015, German election observers were active in Turkey, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Nigeria or Albania, amongst others. Additional EU and OSCE missions are in preparation. ZIF has been the central point of recruitment for German election observers since 2002.
  • Comprehensive Approach

    Comprehensive Approach

    The Comprehensive Approach is a core principle of German foreign and security policy. ZIF coordinates the German Training Partner Platform in cooperation with the military and the police and contributes conceptually through the Working Group on the Comprehensive Approach.
  • Training


    Peace needs professionals. Aside from a high degree of personal commitment, working in crisis regions requires adequate preparation and qualification. ZIF offers a variety of core and specialization courses.
  • Rule of Law

    Rule of Law

    Promoting the rule of law is a vital task of peace operations. ZIF’s goal is to train personnel properly and to bring together key players in fields such as anti-corruption policy and Islamic law.

ZIF News

ZIF at international OSCE conference on the development of a secondment system in Serbia

21.11.2017. Since its inception ZIF has been actively involved in an international exchange on developing and strengthening civilian capacities for international peace and security efforts. In this context, ZIF participated in the "Conference on the Development of a System for Seconding Civilians to...

ENTRi holds presentation at the Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CivCom) at the Council of the EU

21.11.2017. The Committee for Civilian Aspects of Crisis Management (CivCom) advises the political and security committee on civilian aspects of crisis management. It prepares planning documents for new missions, makes recommendations and deals with the development of strategies for civilian crisis management...

Workshop for Federal Foreign Office on including a gender perspective in project work

14.11.2017. What are ways to include a gender perspective into daily project work of employees of the Federal Foreign Office? This question and similar ones were subject of a workshop, which had been carried out by ZIF on November 2 in the Foreign Office. 12 participants representing different departments and...

ZIF Policy Briefing | Operationalizing Conflict Prevention: The Role of Civil Affairs Officers in Local Conflict Management

09.11.2017. UN-Secretary-General António Guterres has stressed the importance of addressing local-level conflicts as part of a wider conflict prevention strategy. In this latest ZIF Policy Briefing, which is part of the ZIF series on operationalizing conflict prevention in the field, Tanja Bernstein and...

ZIF Expert briefed UN Security Council in a debate on children in armed conflict

02.11.2017. What an extraordinary and challenging task: on October 31, ZIF expert Swen Döring informed UN Security Council on NATO's recent progress in strengthening its child protection architecture. He serves Senior Advisor on children and armed conflict for NATO's Resolute Support Mission in...

Training of Trainers in Berlin: Integrating a Gender Perspective

02.11.2017. The Training of Trainers (ToT) on the topic "The Integration of a Gender Perspective in Trainings on Civilian Crisis Management" organised by ZIF took place from 18th to 20th of September 2017 with 13 participants from nine different countries: Germany, Portugal, France, Sweden, Republik...

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