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Fear grows that DRC violence inevitable if Kabila stays in power (30.11.2016)

Joseph Kabila's second and last term as president of Democratic Republic of Congo comes to an end December 19. However, a court ruling states he could remain in power since elections were not held in November to determine his successor.

Dozens massacred in DRC ethnic violence (27.11.2016)

At least 30 civilians were killed Sunday in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo village of Luhanga. Most of those slain were Hutus, and local officials said an ethnic Nande militia was behind the killings, which are the latest in a year-long cycle of violence between the two ethnic communities...

UN envoy calls on political stakeholders to show flexibility to aid election process (25.11.2016)

Wrapping up a visit to Africa’s Great Lakes region, a United Nations envoy today urged stakeholders in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRC) electoral process to do more to help ensure the country is able to hold peaceful elections.

UN preparing for crisis in DRC (22.11.2016)

The United Nations is making contingency plans to respond to a sudden increase in humanitarian needs should the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s political situation turn violent. … The U.N. has 20,000 peacekeepers in the country’s volatile east and has been conducting military contingency...

Congo president chooses new prime minister from opposition (17.11.2016)

Congo's president has chosen a new prime minister from an opposition party as part of his plan to create a coalition government instead of holding elections before the end of the year.

DRC leader warns against foreign "interference" (16.11.2016)

Congolese President Joseph Kabila warned against foreign "interference" in the country's political crisis, in an address to parliament in which he also promised elections, without saying when they would be held.

DRC's Kabila shores up power base, turning up heat on international broadcasters (15.11.2016)

DRC President Joseph Kabila was set to address parliament one day after the prime minister and the cabinet stepped down in a deal over delaying elections. There are to be new restrictions on foreign broadcasters.

DRC prime minister resigns (14.11.2016)

Augustin Matata Ponyo said on Monday he had resigned as prime minister of Democratic Republic of Congo in line with a political deal that extends Joseph Kabila's tenure as president.

In DRC, UN Security Council delegation calls for consensual, inclusive electoral calendar (13.11.2016)

Visiting the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), members of the United Nations Security Council called on Congolese political and social actors to take greater responsibility to adopt a consensual and inclusive electoral calendar and asked that the ban on public demonstrations be lifted.

Seventeen arrested for protesting election delay (27.10.2016)

Police in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo arrested at least 17 democracy activists this week for campaigning against the postponement of the presidential election, fellow activists said, though 11 had been freed by Wednesday evening.

DRC to remain 'unstable and violent' (27.10.2016)

A regional summit on peace and security in the DRC has just ended without major progress towards peace in eastern Congo. Congo expert Phil Clarke fears that more violence may follow.

Kabila courts regional support as opposition prepares “red card” (25.10.2016)

[…] But analysts say this time Kabila cannot count on unalloyed support from Angola and other allies, especially if its leaders start to see Kabila as the problem, rather than the solution to difficulties in the central African giant.

DR Congo security forces used ‘excessive force’ against protesters, UN probe finds (21.10.2016)

State agents, such as police and armed forces, used excessive – including lethal – force during demonstrations in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), last month, when at least 53 people were killed over two days, 143 injured and more than 299 unlawfully arrested, a...

ICC convicts DRC's former vice president Bemba of witness tampering (19.10.2016)

The International Criminal Court has found Jean-Pierre Bemba and several members of his legal team guilty of bribing witnesses during his ICC war crimes trial. It was the first such case in the court's history.

DRC opposition rejects vote delay, calls for strike (19.10.2016)

The main opposition party of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has strongly rejected a decision to push back this year's election to April 2018, calling it a "flagrant violation" of the constitution.

DR Congo – trouble in the east (19.10.2016)

As the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) says it will push back next month’s presidential election to April 2018, over 50 armed rebel groups still roam across Eastern Congo’s porous borders. Uganda’s Allied Democratic Forces represent perhaps the biggest threat to distant...

UN beefs up peacekeeping force in DR Congo capital (19.10.2016)

The United Nations is moving hundreds of peacekeepers from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo to Kinshasa to help deal with a possible outbreak of violence over the postponement of a presidential election, UN officials said Tuesday.

Joseph Kabila party in deal to delay presidential vote (18.10.2016)

The ruling party in the Democratic Republic of Congo and one opposition faction have proposed delaying the presidential election until April 2018.

EU to ready sanctions over postponed vote and violence (17.10.2016)

The European Union will prepare economic sanctions on the Democratic Republic of Congo unless its ruling coalition, which has delayed next month’s elections, holds a fresh vote early next year, diplomats say.

Boulevard of broken dreams: the “street” and politics in DRC – ICG briefing (13.10.2016)

Angry demonstrations hit Kinshasa in September as President Kabila’s aim to stay in power beyond a 19 December constitutional deadline became clearer. Regional and international actors must use diplomatic and financial levers to bring about credible democratic elections and to reverse the DRC's...

DR Congo stability at extreme risk, UN warned (11.10.2016)

The Democratic Republic of Congo is at "extreme risk" of descending into widespread violence, the UN Security Council has been warned. UN envoy Maman Sidikou said threats to the 18,000-strong peacekeeping mission there outstripped its capabilities.

Political polarization in DRC may spark ‘large-scale violence,’ UN envoy warns (11.10.2016)

Warning of an extremely fragile political situation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where “actors on all sides appear more and more willing to resort to violence to achieve their ends,” the top United Nations official in the country called today on the Security Council to urge the...

UN says it alone cannot remove South Sudanese rebels from DRC (05.10.2016)

[…] A spokesman for the mission, known as MONUSCO, said it had flown the South Sudanese to several camps in the DRC at the request of the DRC government, which later gave a deadline for their removal.

Time to act on DR Congo – France (05.10.2016)

France said on Tuesday it was time to prevent the political situation worsening in Democratic Republic of Congo and consider imposing European Union sanctions. … Speaking on TV5 Monde on Monday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said Kabila should step aside and allow the election to take...

DRC deadline for removal of South Sudan fighters (04.10.2016)

The UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been given a week to fly hundreds of South Sudanese fighters out of the country.

Congo commission expects presidential vote delay to December 2018 (01.10.2016)

The head of Democratic Republic of Congo's electoral commission said on Saturday that he expects the presidential election, originally scheduled for this November, to be delayed until December 2018, lawmakers present at his speech said.

US orders families of government personnel to leave troubled DRC (30.09.2016)

The U.S. State Department has issued a travel warning for the Democratic Republic of Congo and has ordered families of government personnel stationed there to leave.

US sanctions allies of DR Congo's President Kabila (29.09.2016)

The United States … accuses army Gen Gabriel Amisi Kumba and John Numbi, an ex-police chief, of threatening the country's stability by suppressing the opposition.

UN, AU, EU press Congolese leaders to stop political violence (25.09.2016)

The United Nations, the African Union and the European Union pressed Democratic Republic of Congo leaders on Saturday to urge their supporters to refrain from violence as the International Criminal Court prosecutor warned she was watching the situation.

UN rights experts call for immediate halt to violent repression of electoral protests in DRC (23.09.2016)

In relation to proposed presidential elections, two United Nations human rights experts today urged the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to put an immediate end to its disproportionate use of force against peaceful assembly and expression.

UN's Zeid raps Congo after at least 50 killed in protests (22.09.2016)

The UN human rights chief accused Congolese authorities on Thursday of taking an "extremely confrontational position" towards anti-government protesters and urged them to seek dialogue with the opposition.

DR Congo election: Protesters demand Kabila departure (19.09.2016)

Police in Kinshasa have fired teargas to disperse demonstrators calling for President Joseph Kabila to step down. Protesters have set up barricades and torched cars on one of the main roads in the Democratic Republic of Congo's capital, a BBC correspondent says.

Congo government strikes deal with some opponents on elections sequence (15.09.2016)

Backers of Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila and part of the opposition agreed on Wednesday on the sequence of a series of upcoming elections, potentially removing a major obstacle to breaking a dangerous political impasse.

UN chief notes launch of national dialogue towards elections, urges more inclusive process (02.09.2016)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has taken note of yesterday's launch of the national dialogue in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and urged more inclusive process towards elections, his spokesman said today.

Two women lynched, set on fire in Congo as ethnic tensions flare (24.08.2016)

Two Hutu women were dragged out of a minibus, lynched and their bodies set on fire by a crowd in eastern Congo, the local mayor said Wednesday, as inter-ethnic tensions in the region surge in the wake of massacres that have killed hundreds of civilians.

DR Congo opposition strikes to call for Kabila to step down (23.08.2016)

Opponents of Congolese President Joseph Kabila began a general strike on Tuesday to demand he steps down when his mandate expires in December.

UN chief notes holding of preparatory meeting towards national dialogue (23.08.2016)

Noting today’s meeting of the national dialogue preparatory committee in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reiterated a call for an inclusive political dialogue to overcome an impasse in the electoral process.

Two killed in anti-government protest in eastern Congo (17.08.2016)

A civilian and a police officer were killed in clashes in northeast Congo on Wednesday, police said, during a protest at government failure to stop massacres of civilians by rebel groups.

Security Council strongly condemns killings in eastern DR Congo, calls for government probe (17.08.2016)

The United Nations Security Council has strongly condemned the 13 August killing of at least 50 civilians in a village in the restive North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), by suspected members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

Congo rebels kill 8 civilians in mounting ethnic violence (09.08.2016)

Hundreds of civilians have died over the past year in inter-communal violence and a series of massacres by armed groups in Congo's North Kivu province, which borders Rwanda and Uganda.

Congo’s “Mr. X” – the man who fooled the UN (05.08.2016)

When Daniel Fahey visited eastern Democratic Republic of Congo as coordinator of the U.N.’s Group of Experts, he found a charismatic charlatan known as “Mr. X” under the protection of the U.N. …. Fahey shows how Mr. X’s story sheds light on the emerging role of intelligence in peacekeeping...

New report: “Katanga – tensions in DRC's mineral heartland” (03.08.2016)

As the regime keeps delaying an encounter with the electorate, growing tensions and state repression in Congo’s resource-rich Katanga may be the precursor of a violent escalation. Without a credible national dialogue and better working relations between the central government and new provinces, the...

DRC government rejects opposition demand for election by year's end (01.08.2016)

Addressing his supporters in Kinshasa on Sunday, opposition leader Etienne Tshisekedi reportedly said it would be “high treason” if Kabila did not launch the electoral process by September. … The 83-year-old veteran opposition leader Tshisekedi returned last week to Democratic Republic of Congo...

UN demands release of political prisoners in Congo (22.07.2016)

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights called on Thursday for the release of people he considers political prisoners in Democratic Republic of Congo as the government cracks down on dissent ahead of a contentious electoral period.

Can anyone stop Joseph Kabila? (21.07.2016)

While the opposition tries to unite, the presidency seems to be working out various possible scenarios for staying in power.

Security Council expresses “deep concern” at political restrictions in the DR Congo (15.07.2016)

In the lead up to the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC) scheduled presidential election in November, the Security Council today expressed concern at the recent arrests and detention of members of political opposition and of the civil society.

Congo election likely to be delayed - UN mission chief (14.07.2016)

Democratic Republic of Congo is unlikely to hold a presidential election as scheduled in November, the U.N. head of mission there said on Thursday, something that U.N. experts have warned could trigger violent political unrest.

DRC opposition groups agree to a national dialogue (11.07.2016)

African Union has announced that opposition groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have recognized the “need” to launch a national dialogue before the end of July.

Political crisis has put long-term stability of the DR Congo at risk, warns UN deputy chief (07.07.2016)

An inclusive and credible dialogue among Congolese stakeholders is the only realistic way to defuse political tensions, overcome the electoral impasse and prevent violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where public discontent is being fuelled by delays in the electoral process and...