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UN Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (UN-Geführt)
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UN helicopters launch strikes against Congo rebels after deadly raid (01.12.2015)

UN helicopters launched strikes against Ugandan rebels near the northeastern border of Democratic Republic of Congo in response to attacks this weekend that killed dozens of people, the force's top general said Tuesday. … UN forces were in "total cooperation" with the Congolese army and additional...

DR Congo raid by Ugandan Islamist rebel group 'kills 24' (30.11.2015)

At least 24 people have died in a town in the east of the Democratic Republic Congo after a rebel attack, the Congolese army says. Seven civilians, one UN peacekeeper and four soldiers are among the dead, the army says. UN General Jean Baillaud said it was suspected that the attack was carried out...

Congo president urges national dialogue before elections (28.11.2015)

Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila made a long-anticipated public call on Saturday for a national dialogue to prepare for elections next year, an idea regarded with suspicion by his opponents. A successful presidential election in 2016 would mark Congo's first-ever peaceful...

The landscape of armed groups in the eastern Congo (26.11.2015)

Two years ago, Congolese armed forces celebrated a historic victory against the M23 rebellion, raising hopes that the cycle of violence in the eastern Congo was petering out. Today, however, disappointment has set it. At least seventy armed groups are active in the eastern Congo, and approximately...

Catholic bishops urge Congolese to can Kabila (26.11.2015)

Democratic Republic of Congo's powerful Catholic church called on citizens on Thursday to defy any attempt by President Joseph Kabila to hold on to power beyond the end of his term next year.

South Africa sacks UN Congo peacekeepers over curfew breach (19.11.2015)

South Africa's military said it dismissed 47 peacekeepers serving in the United Nations mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo for violating curfew.

Doubts plague Congo’s latest demobilisation programme (12.11.2015)

A major new attempt to return thousands of rebel fighters to civilian life in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been beset by delays and is still threatened by funding constraints and continuing insecurity, according to analysts, who also point to broader governance problems.

Security Council calls for total neutralization of foreign, local armed groups in east (09.11.2015)

The United Nations Security Council today called for the elimination of local and foreign armed groups which have for decades devastated the eastern regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and urged the immediate resumption of joint operations between the UN peacekeeping force’s...

Fourteen kidnapped aid workers released in eastern Congo (03.11.2015)

Fourteen aid workers kidnapped two days ago by unidentified assailants in the eastern Rutshuru region of Democratic Republic of Congo have been released, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

Congo polls must be delayed '2-4 years': ruling coalition spokesman (31.10.2015)

Democratic Republic of Congo is not ready for a series of elections, including a presidential vote, scheduled over the next year and the voting calendar should be pushed back by up to four years, a ruling coalition spokesman said on Saturday.

L’UCL préconise l’organisation simultanée de la présidentielle, des législatives et des provinciales (26.10.2015)

Parti politique de la Majorité présidentielle, l’Union des Congolais pour la Liberté (UCL) préconise la tenue groupée de la présidentielle, des législatives et des provinciales. La Ceni a fixé la présidentielle et les législatives en novembre 2016. … Les membres de l'UCL ont constaté … que les...

Interview with Martin Kobler: 'Peacekeeping missions are aspirin, what we need is antibiotics' (19.10.2015)

The United Nations (UN) Special Representative for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Martin Kobler, stepped down from his position at the end of last month. The PSC Report asked him about his term at the helm of one of the world’s biggest peacekeeping missions, the UN Mission for the...

DRC electoral body pleads lack of funds (13.10.2015)

A leaked letter from the Democratic Republic of Congo's electoral commission says the commission has not received the funding it was allocated for upcoming elections, holding up preparations for the vote. … Opponents of President Joseph Kabila have expressed concern that he wants to postpone next...

Ban appoints new head of UN mission in DR Congo (08.10.2015)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Maman S. Sidikou of Niger as his new Special Representative for the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Head of MONUSCO. … Mr. Sidikou is currently serving as the African Union (AU) Special Representative for Somalia and Head of...

Political tensions ‘running high’ ahead of 2016 elections, UN officials warn (07.10.2015)

The top United Nations official in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) told the UN Security Council today that he cannot say with certainty whether the progress attained in the country is sustainable, or whether violence will erupt again and reverse what has been achieved so far.

Elections en RDC: Martin Kobler «a confiance, parce qu’on a le temps» (24.09.2015)

Le chef de la mission de l'Onu en République démocratique du Congo, Martin Kobler, est sur le point de quitter le pays. Avant son départ, le diplomate onusien a voulu délivrer un message d'espoir concernant la tenue de la présidentielle en 2016. Pour lui, il n'est pas l’heure de parler de...

South African troops pulled out of DRC for violations (24.09.2015)

Fifty soldiers to face court martial for breaking curfew and compromising security of other African troops.

DR Congo president sacks rebel party chiefs from government (17.09.2015)

The Democratic Republic of Congo's President Joseph Kabila on Wednesday sacked two party leaders from government roles after they published an open letter warning him against any attempt to cling to power.

UN: rights violations rise in DRC ahead of elections (09.09.2015)

The United Nations said Wednesday that human rights violations by authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo were escalating ahead of a round of elections during which President Joseph Kabila is set to step down.

DRC court orders review of election schedule (08.09.2015)

Democratic Republic of Congo's highest court on Tuesday told election authorities to take a fresh look at the country's voting timetable, raising the prospect of a delay that would enable President Joseph Kabila to stay in office beyond 2016.

DR Congo's Bosco Ntaganda pleads not guilty at ICC trial (02.09.2015)

Former Congolese rebel leader Bosco Ntaganda has pleaded not guilty to all charges at the start of his war crimes trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague. The 18 charges include murder, rape and the recruitment of child soldiers.

Militia leader surrenders to UN Mission in DR Congo (02.09.2015)

The leader of Raia Mutomboki militia Ngoa Bisire and four of his family members over the weekend surrendered to the UN Mission for Stabilization of Congo (MONUSCO) in North Kivu province, an official source said Monday. … They were transferred to MONUSCO's Demobilization, Disarmament, Reintegration...

Going around in circles: the challenges of peacekeeping and stabilization in the DRC (31.08.2015)

With the aim of explaining the cyclical recurrence of crisis and conflict in the DRC, this report identifies and explores two main causes.

DRC President signs legislation on local elections (26.08.2015)

The president of the Democratic Republic of the Congo has signed legislation to keep elections on a timeline proposed by an independent commission, a government spokesman said Wednesday. … Presidential elections are slated for November 2016. … Tensions have been high between the president and...

UN mission must withdraw from DRC, says chief (18.08.2015)

The head of the United Nations mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Martin Kobler, told reporters Monday the mission - MONUSCO - must withdraw from the country. Kobler said the recent decision by Ethiopian Airlines to restart flights to Goma in eastern Congo is a welcome step toward...

DRC's opposition boycotts Senate, dismisses Kabila's ploy to stay in power (11.08.2015)

The Senate … is set to hold an extraordinary session Tuesday to debate how to organise the country’s first-ever local elections. But a united opposition is boycotting the session, arguing that the draft legislation is part of President Joseph Kabila’s strategy to hang on to power when his second...

Congo opposition urges resistance to third term for Sassou (29.07.2015)

Republic of Congo opposition parties called on the population Wednesday to resist attempts at constitutional reform that could pave the way for President Denis Sassou Nguesso to seek a third term in next year's presidential election.

Five Lessons from the Congo’s Instability: Q&A with Ian Quick (27.07.2015)

Efforts to stabilize the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) during the early 2000s assumed there was a complete lack of authority in those parts of the country not under formal state control. This was never the case according to management consultant Ian Quick, who previously worked with the...

Congo forum opens door to president's re-election, critics cry foul (17.07.2015)

A mass meeting of politicians, academics and other figures proposed changes to the Republic of Congo's constitution on Friday which could pave the way for their veteran leader to stay in power, a move decried by the opposition.

UN drops demand for Congo to replace generals accused of abuses (14.07.2015)

The United Nations has dropped a demand for two Democratic Republic of Congo generals accused of human rights abuses to be replaced before U.N. peacekeepers can resume cooperation with the Congolese army on operations against a Rwandan rebel group.

Success of Congo mission hinges on ‘constructive partnership’ with Government – Kobler (14.07.2015)

The capacity of the United Nations Organization Stabilization Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) to fulfil its mandate rests on “persistent engagement” with the authorities, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General and head of the Mission, Martin Kobler, told the...

UN calls for wider police deployment in DRC (01.07.2015)

"We can fight against the armed groups," MONUSCO chief Martin Kobler said, "but if the state’s authority and the civil administration are not restored, and the PNC [Congo’s national police] are not deployed, the end result will not be a success." … The latest official figures suggest there are...

UN: DRC rebel group weakened in joint operation (24.06.2015)

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, joint operations by the Congolese army and the United Nations mission MONUSCO have weakened one of the most active rebel groups in the country. The mission chief said Wednesday that about a quarter of the combatants with the FRPI rebel group have been taken out...

Former Congo rebel leader's ICC trial to start in July (16.06.2015)

The International Criminal Court says the trial of former Congo militia leader Bosco Ntaganda will start in July, weighing charges including murder, rape and using child soldiers.

UN deploys troops, helicopters to back Congo in fight with rebels (10.06.2015)

UN forces have deployed ground troops, attack helicopters and drones to support a campaign by Democratic Republic of Congo's army against rebels in the northeast of the country, the head of its UN peacekeeping mission said on Wednesday.

Gunmen attack airport in eastern Congo (02.06.2015)

Gunmen attacked the airport in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo's largest city, Goma, in an overnight raid in which four government soldiers and three suspected assailants were killed. … A Congolese security official … said the assailants were Mai-Mai fighters, members of one of the dozens of...

Rebel group responsible for ‘grave violations’ in DR Congo massacres, says UN report (13.05.2015)

A United Nations human rights report released today says that a Uganda-based rebel group has committed grave violations of international humanitarian law in crisis-riven north-eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Tanzanian UN peacekeepers killed in DR Congo (06.05.2015)

Two Tanzanian peacekeepers with the special UN intervention force in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been killed in an ambush, the UN has said. Thirteen others were wounded in the attack by suspected Ugandan Allied Democratic Forces Islamist rebels.

Congo: Is democratic change possible? – ICG report (05.05.2015)

This report analyses the tense context in which the upcoming elections are to take place. It identifies several risks, linked to the sudden developments in the decentralisation process, the slow and non-consensual preparation of an overly ambitious electoral calendar as well as divisions within the...

Rwandan rebel group kills 10 soldiers in eastern Congo ambush (08.04.2015)

Rwandan rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo killed around 10 soldiers in an ambush this week, an army source said on Wednesday, the insurgents' deadliest attack since the start of a military campaign against them in February.

L'ONU souhaite la reprise de la coopération avec l'armée pour combattre les FDLR (01.04.2015)

En froid avec Kinshasa, les Nations unies souhaitent relancer la coopération "le plus vite possible" avec l'armée afin de neutraliser les rebelles des Forces démocratiques de libération du Rwanda (FDLR) actifs dans l'est de la RDC.

DRC army putting pressure on FDLR (01.04.2015)

Democratic Republic of Congo government forces, which launched an offensive against FDLR rebels in the east of the country a month ago, has been successful in driving the militants out of parts of North and South Kivu provinces, a military spokesman said.

UN cuts 2,000 troops from DR Congo peace force (26.03.2015)

The UN Security Council on Thursday voted to cut 2,000 troops from the UN peacekeeping force in the Democratic Republic of Congo despite calls from Kinshasa for a bigger drawdown.

UN confirms working with suspected DRC human rights abusers (20.03.2015)

United Nations officials have confirmed that the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, known as MONUSCO, has in the past worked with Congolese army officers who were suspected of committing human rights violations.

Congo orders expulsion of four foreign activists (18.03.2015)

Democratic Republic of Congo on Wednesday ordered the immediate expulsion of four foreign pro-democracy activists detained over the weekend during and criticized the United States for supporting the event.

U.N. peacekeepers barred seven Congolese officers over rights records (11.03.2015)

The United Nations peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo barred seven Congolese army and police officers from receiving support after ruling there was a "real risk" they could commit human rights abuses, according to a U.N. report.