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ECOWAS Mission in Guinea Bissau (Sonstige)

Beginn: 04/12

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United Nations Integrated Peace-building Office in Guinea Bissau (UN-Peacebuilding)
Mandatiert seit: 06/09

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Stand-off following presidential elections in Guinea-Bissau (27.03.2020)

More than two months after the second round of the presidential elections Guinea-Bissau is sinking into a post-electoral deadlock.

Coup or legitimate change of power? (04.03.2020)

Two months after Guinea-Bissau's presidential election runoff, projected winner Umaro Sissoco Embalo claimed victory and immediately installed a new cabinet. The largest party in parliament called it a coup. … The international community remains divided on how to assess the current situation in...

Guinea-Bissau Supreme Court accuses army of occupying courts (04.03.2020)

A dozen soldiers have occupied the grounds of Guinea-Bissau’s Supreme Court, the court said on Tuesday, deepening a post-election crisis that has resulted in the appointment of rival presidents and the silencing of state media.

Security Council extends mandate of UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Guinea-Bissau (28.02.2020)

The Security Council decided today to extend the mandate of the United Nations Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Guinea-Bissau (UNIOGBIS) until 31 December as it continues its phased drawdown, and to review in six months’ time the sanctions regime it imposed in 2012.

Swearing-in of new President unlikely to bring stability, says UN representative (14.02.2020)

Rosine Sori-Coulibaly updated ambassadors on developments in the wake of the November 2019 presidential election and subsequent run-off, won by ex-army general Umaro Sissoco Embaló, a former Prime Minister and candidate for the Movement for Democratic Change (MADEM-G15).

Guinea-Bissau electoral commission confirms Embalo as president (22.01.2020)

Guinea-Bissau’s national electoral commission confirmed former Prime Minister Umaro Cissoko Embalo as winner of the presidential ballot on Wednesday, after the Supreme Court threw the result into doubt last week.

Former PM Embalo wins presidential election (01.01.2020)

Former Guinea-Bissau Prime Minister Umaro Cissoko Embalo has been elected president after winning a run-off vote against another ex-prime minister.

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