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ZIF kompakt spezial | Diese Woche im Sicherheitsrat: MINUSMA 24.06.2019 Download (535 KB)
MINUSMA 2019: Stillstand im Norden, Krise in der Mitte von Mali 05/2019 Download (140 KB)
EUTM Mali 2019: Erfolgreich im Rahmen des Mandats 05/2019 Download (139 KB)
MINUSMA 2018: Wahlen, Friedensprozess und Terroranschläge 04/2018 Download (145 KB)
MINUSMA: Die UN-Mission in Mali im Wahljahr 2018 11/2017 Download (196 KB)
EUSTAMS Mali - Ein Novum im EU-Krisenmanagement 09/2017 Download (700 KB)
Kritische Zeiten für Stabilisierung: die Bundeswehr liefert einen wichtigen Beitrag zur UN-Friedensmission in Mali 01/2017 Download (183 KB)
MINUSMA in Mali: Europäisches Engagement bei der UN für Frieden im Sahel 06/2015 Download (109 KB)
EU-Missionen in Afrika: EUCAP Sahel Niger und EUCAP Sahel Mali 06/2014 Download (860 KB)

Aktuelle Einsätze

G5 Sahel Joint Force

Force conjointe du G5 Sahel / FC-G5S (Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger)

Beginn: 07/17

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Opération Barkhane

French military presence in Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Niger and Mauritania

Beginn: 08 /14

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EUCAP Sahel Mali

EU Capacity Building Mission in Mali (EU)

Mandatiert seit: 04/14

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African Union Mission to Mali and the Sahel (AU)

Beginn: 08/13

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UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (UN-geführt)
Mandatiert seit: 04/13

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EU Training Mission in Mali (EU)

Mandatiert seit: 01/13

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Mali crisis worsens as hundreds of thousands flee militia attacks (11.07.2019)

Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing their homes in Mali, where deadly attacks on villages are destabilising an already critical situation in the country’s centre. More than 200,000 people have fled since the start of the year, almost six times the number that were displaced in the same...

EU pledges €138m more to G5 Sahel Force (11.07.2019)

The EU's high representative Federica Mogherini pledged €138m extra to the G5 Sahel Force in order to be better equipped to fight insurgency and terrorism in the Sahel region.

UK to extend Mali Chinook mission (10.07.2019)

The United Kingdom will keep its three Chinook transport helicopters in Mali for another six months, where they will continue to support the French-led Operation Barkhane counterterrorism operation. … The British helicopters bring to the Barkhane force the capability to carry, in a single rotation,...

Greater response needed to worsening West African violence - UN head (10.07.2019)

Islamist attacks are spreading so fast in West Africa that the region should consider bolstering its response beyond current military efforts, and donors should back such a move, the head of the United Nations said on Wednesday. Groups with links to al Qaeda and Islamic State have strengthened...

Attack on Fulani village in central Mali kills 23: Local mayor (01.07.2019)

At least 23 people have been killed and 300 missing after an attack on Sunday on a village of Fulani herders in central Mali where communal violence has surged in recent months, a local mayor said.

Gunmen kill 41 in central Mali (19.06.2019)

Unidentified gunmen on motorcycles attacked two villages in central Mali, killing at least 41 people in a part of the country where ethnic reprisal attacks surged in recent months, a local mayor said.

Anger over G5 Sahel headquarters transfer to Bamako (17.06.2019)

The G5 Sahel force includes Burkina Faso, Chad, Mauritania, Niger as well as Mali, and people in Bamako do not want its headquarters based there.

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