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MINUSMA 2019: Stillstand im Norden, Krise in der Mitte von Mali 05/2019 Download (140 KB)
EUTM Mali 2019: Erfolgreich im Rahmen des Mandats 05/2019 Download (139 KB)
MINUSMA 2018: Wahlen, Friedensprozess und Terroranschläge 04/2018 Download (145 KB)
MINUSMA: Die UN-Mission in Mali im Wahljahr 2018 11/2017 Download (196 KB)
EUSTAMS Mali - Ein Novum im EU-Krisenmanagement 09/2017 Download (700 KB)
Kritische Zeiten für Stabilisierung: die Bundeswehr liefert einen wichtigen Beitrag zur UN-Friedensmission in Mali 01/2017 Download (183 KB)
MINUSMA in Mali: Europäisches Engagement bei der UN für Frieden im Sahel 06/2015 Download (109 KB)
EU-Missionen in Afrika: EUCAP Sahel Niger und EUCAP Sahel Mali 06/2014 Download (860 KB)

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EU Stabilisation Action in Mopti and Ségou (EU)

Mandatiert seit: 08/17

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G5 Sahel Joint Force

Force conjointe du G5 Sahel / FC-G5S (Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger)

Beginn: 07/17

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Opération Barkhane

French military presence in Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Niger and Mauritania

Beginn: 08 /14

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EUCAP Sahel Mali

EU Capacity Building Mission in Mali (EU)

Mandatiert seit: 04/14

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African Union Mission to Mali and the Sahel (AU)

Beginn: 08/13

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UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (UN-geführt)
Mandatiert seit: 04/13

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EU Training Mission in Mali (EU)

Mandatiert seit: 01/13

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Insecurity shadows Mali’s president. It may also help him get re-elected. (27.07.2018)

Reports of military abuses and extravagant spending have shadowed him. His term in office has been pockmarked by terrorist attacks on peacekeepers and even a luxury hotel. Critics of Mali’s president, Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, have taken to chanting, “Father must quit.”

Make Sunday ‘an important celebration of democracy’ UN chief urges voters in Mali (27.07.2018)

On the eve of Mali’s crucial presidential election, the United Nations Secretary-General said that despite clear security challenges, voters in the arid African nation of around 18 million, needed to ensure that the key poll was first and foremost “an important celebration of democracy”.

Armed Arab protesters shut down Timbuktu days before vote (25.07.2018)

Armed protesters from Mali’s Arab community fired shots into the air, burned tires and torched vehicles in Timbuktu on Wednesday, bringing the desert city to a standstill days before an election seen as a test of stability across the country, officials said.

Hundreds killed in intercommunal violence this year (17.07.2018)

At least 289 civilians have been killed in intercommunal violence in Mali this year, according to the United Nations human rights office. More than 75 percent of the incidents occurred in the country's central Mopti region.

Canada deploying helicopters to Mali (06.07.2018)

The Royal Canadian Air Force has started deploying Chinook and Griffon helicopters to Mali, where they will take part in the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission (Minusma). The deployment is for 12 months and will take over from German and Belgian deployments next week –...

Mali election organisers strike (04.07.2018)

Election workers in Mali extended a strike, a union representative said, casting further doubt on an election meant to chart a way out of six years of political unrest and jihadist violence.

Mali facing ‘alarming’ rise in rights violations, warns UN expert (04.07.2018)

In Mali, a senior United Nations rights expert on Wednesday described an “alarming” deterioration of the security, human rights and humanitarian situation in northern and eastern areas of the country.