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EUTM Somalia: Ein wichtiger Beitrag zum Aufbau der Sicherheitsarchitektur in Somalia 03/2017 Download (213 KB)
EU-Missionen in Afrika: die Zentralafrikanische Republik und Somalia 02/2014 Download (860 KB)

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EUCAP Somalia

EU Capacity Building Mission in Somalia (EU)

vormals EUCAP Nestor (2012)

Mandatiert seit: 12/16

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United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UN-Peacebuilding)
Mandatiert seit: 06/13

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EUTM Somalia

EU Military Mission to Contribute to the Training of Somali Security Forces (EU)
Mandatiert seit: 02/10

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African Union Mission in Somalia (Sonstige)
Mandatiert seit: 01/07

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UN chief expresses ‘full confidence’ in top Somalia official following Government expulsion (04.01.2019)

The UN Secretary-General said on Friday he “deeply regrets” the Somali Government’s decision to expel his Special Representative in the country, adding that he had “full confidence” in Nicholas Haysom’s abilities and track record as an international civil servant. According to news reports, Mr....

Attack on UN compound in Somalia may be 'violation of international humanitarian law' (02.01.2019)

Secretary-General António Guterres strongly condemned Tuesday’s attacks against the UN compound in Mogadishu … saying that intentionally attacking UN personnel may constitute "a violation of international humanitarian law.” Seven mortars landed inside the compound, injuring two UN staff members and...

Somalia expels top U.N. official after he criticizes crackdown on dissent (02.01.2019)

Nicholas Haysom, a South African, had served only a few months as the special representative for U.N. Secretary General António Guterres. Somalia’s Foreign Ministry declared him “persona non grata” and ordered him to leave the country.

EUCAP Somalia: mission extended, budget agreed (10.12.2018)

The Council extended the mandate of the EU capacity building mission in Somalia, EUCAP Somalia until 31 December 2020. The Council also agreed on a budget of €66.1 million for the period 1 January 2019 until 31 December 2020.

US reopens diplomatic mission in Somalia after 28-year closure (05.12.2018)

The US has established its first diplomatic presence in Somalia for nearly 30 years. The state department said the "historic event" reflected the progress the east African nation had made. Ambassador Donald Yamamoto is heading the embassy in Mogadishu. Previously it had been based in Nairobi,...

Somali officials report deadly US-backed raid on al-Shabab (05.12.2018)

Somali commandos backed by U.S. forces raided two al-Shabab checkpoints at which the extremists extort money from commercial vehicles, killing several fighters, Somali intelligence officials said Wednesday.