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United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (UN-Geführt)
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Anlauf zur Lösung des Konflikts (12.08.2003)

(Quelle: NZZ) Der Sonderbeauftragte des Uno-Generalsekretärs für die Westsahara, der frühere amerikanische Außenminister Baker, hat einen neuen Plan für die Beilegung des Konflikts um die einstige spanische Kolonie vorgelegt. Der Uno-Sicherheitsrat hat den Plan gebilligt,...

Annan to Appoint New Envoy for Western Sahara (07.08.2003)

(Quelle: allAfrica) United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has announced his intention to appoint Alvaro de Soto of Peru, a key adviser on the Cyprus issue, as his new envoy for Western Sahara.

Morocco Rejects UN Peace Plan (01.08.2003)

(Quelle: Irinnews) The latest peace plan, drawn up by former US Secretary of State James Baker, provides for a referendum in four to five years time. … Who exactly should be allowed to vote in a referendum has been a source of constant argument. Morocco would like its own settlers in the...

Security Council Adopts Peace Plan (31.07.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) It proposes that the Western Sahara becomes a semi-autonomous region of Morocco for a transition period of up to five years. A referendum would then take place for the population, giving them the choice to vote for independence, autonomy or integration into Morocco.

Diplomats Urge Morocco and POLISARIO to Accept Peace Plan (17.07.2003)

(Quelle: Irinnews) The plan proposes that a Western Sahara Authority (WSA) be responsible for local government, territorial budget, taxation, economic development, internal security, law enforcement, transportation, agriculture, mining, fisheries, socio-cultural affairs, education and other basic...

POLISARIO Accepts New Peace Plan (11.07.2003)

(Quelle: UN-News) (Security) Council President, Ambassador Inocencio F. Arias of Spain, said he informed the 15-nation body that he met yesterday with a delegation from the Frente Popular para la Liberación de Saguía el-Hamra y del Río de Oro (POLISARIO Front), who told him of their...

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