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United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (UN-Geführt)
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New mission head appointed (12.05.2014)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today announced the appointment of Kim Bolduc of Canada as his Special Representative for Western Sahara and Head of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO). He succeeds Wolfgang Weisbrod-Weber of Germany, who will...

Security Council extends UN Western Sahara mission through April 2015 (29.04.2014)

In today’s resolution, the 15-member Council extended the UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) until 30 April 2015.

UN: Western Sahara needs rights monitors (12.04.2014)

The United Nations has called for more human rights oversight in Western Sahara, the vast northwest African territory occupied by Morocco since 1975, as a mandate for UN peace keepers in the disputed region comes up for renewal later this month.

UN envoy for Western Sahara launches ‘new phase’ in negotiations (30.10.2013)

The United Nations envoy dealing with Western Sahara today told the Security Council that he plans to return to the region in the coming weeks to pursue a new approach to ending the dispute over the territory.

Deutsche Militärbeobachter in der Westsahara (16.10.2013)

Deutschland beteiligt sich an der VN-Mission MINURSO. Vorerst sollen zwei unbewaffnete Militärbeobachter entsandt werden. Sie sollen helfen, den Waffenstillstand in der Westsahara zu überwachen. Der Beschluss des Bundeskabinetts erlaubt, bis zu vier Soldatinnen und Soldaten zu entsenden.

Morocco under rights fire as UN makes new Western Sahara peace bid (15.10.2013)

Under fire over its human rights record in the Western Sahara, Morocco is vying to regain the initiative as the UN makes a new peace push for the disputed territory.