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EUBAM Moldova and Ukraine

European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EU)
Mandatiert seit: 11/05

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OSCE Mission to Moldova

(OSCE Long-Term Missions)
Mandatiert seit: 02/93

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Joint Peacekeeping Force

Beginn: 07/92

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Moldova votes to scrap much criticised electoral system (31.07.2019)

Parliament in Moldova has voted to abolish the so-called mixed voting system – which drew an adverse reaction from the country’s Western partners and was widely seen as favouring the former ruling party.

Moldova's entire constitutional court resigns (26.06.2019)

All six judges at Moldova’s Constitutional Court have stepped down amid calls for their resignation following decisions made by the court that fueled a political crisis in the ex-Soviet country.

New Moldovan government vows stronger ties with EU (15.06.2019)

Stronger ties with the European Union and bringing to justice those who abused power, including a controversial tycoon, are top priorities of Moldova’s new government.

Democrat-led government resigns in Moldova (14.06.2019)

The former ruling party has abandoned its attempt to cling onto power in Moldova and has gone into opposition – while still refusing the recognise the new government led by pro-EU and pro-Russian forces.

Moldova crisis sparks calls for EU help in ending tensions (12.06.2019)

The ongoing political crisis and power struggle in Moldova sparked urgent calls for help Wednesday from the European Union to end the tensions. The president of neighboring Romania, Klaus Iohannis, warned in a letter to the European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President...

Moldova crisis: Snap elections called by interim president (10.06.2019)

Moldova's pro-Russian President Igor Dodon has been stripped of his duties, escalating a political crisis stemming from inconclusive general elections. The move came after his party agreed a coalition cabinet with a pro-European Union block, welcomed by the EU. Outgoing PM Pavel Filip's rival party...

Breakaway Transnistria threatens to sue Moldova for ‘war crimes’ (29.05.2019)

Transnistria’s leader, Vadim Krasnoselsky, said the Moldovan breakaway region will sue the Chisinau authorities for alleged crimes committed in the Dniester War in 1992, but did not say which court he intends to address.

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