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EUBAM Moldova and Ukraine

European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EU)
Mandatiert seit: 11/05

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OSCE Mission to Moldova

(OSCE Long-Term Missions)
Mandatiert seit: 02/93

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Joint Peacekeeping Force

Beginn: 07/92

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Moldova political crisis: Protesters break into parliament (21.01.2016)

Protesters broke into Moldova's parliament after it approved a new pro-European government. The vote was aimed at ending months of political deadlock but was boycotted by opposition parties. Pavel Filip, from the main pro-European coalition, has been appointed prime minister.

Moldova closer to snap elections as government crisis continues (13.01.2016)

Moldova moved closer to early elections that could push it back into Russia’s fold after its president and a coalition of largely pro-EU parties failed on January 13 to compromise over who could pull the country out of a protracted government crisis.

Moldovan parliament fails to approve new government (04.01.2016)

Moldova's parliament has failed to approve a new government because not enough lawmakers turned up for the vote, further extending the political deadlock in the former Soviet republic.

Thousands protest against government in Moldova (30.11.2015)

Thousands of antigovernment protesters have gathered in Moldova's capital and other towns, demanding an end to widespread corruption and calling for better governance.

Tusk promises Moldova closer cooperation, calls for reforms (30.04.2015)

The visiting EU Council president has promised Moldova closer cooperation with the EU while urging Chisinau to reform its justice system and banking sector while fighting corruption.

Russia alleges 'gross violations' in Moldovan election campaign (04.12.2014)

Pro-EU parties won a majority of parliament seats in the election in the former Soviet republic. … OSCE monitors said the election had been well-run but criticised a last-minute decision to exclude the Patria (Homeland) party, run by a Russian businessman, on the grounds that it had been funded...

Moldova, eyeing Ukraine, divided on Europe integration as election nears (23.11.2014)

Moldova, eyeing Ukraine, divided on Europe integration as election nearsAn election in ex-Soviet Moldova next weekend will decide how closely it sticks to its path of European integration in defiance of Russia, as neighbouring Ukraine struggles to handle a war triggered by following a similar...