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OSCE Mission to Serbia

(OSCE Long-Term Missions)
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Pressure builds in Belgrade, EU calls for dialogue with civil society (18.03.2019)

The EU called for calm and dialogue on Monday (18 March) as pressure builds in Belgrade and other Serbian cities against what critics describe as a slide toward autocratic rule under the leadership of Aleksandar Vu?i?.

Thousands attend antigovernment protest in Belgrade (17.01.2019)

Thousands of people marched in Belgrade on January 16 to mark the anniversary of the still unsolved assassination of Kosovo Serb leader Oliver Ivanovic, accusing the authorities of covering up for the perpetrators.

Serbs protest against Vucic for fifth week, demand end to attacks on journalists, activists (05.01.2019)

Thousands of people marched … through Belgrade to protest against Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and demand an end to attacks against journalists and opposition figures. … The antigovernment protest on January 5 was the fifth in as many weeks.

Serbia to consider military intervention 'option' if Kosovo forms standing army (05.12.2018)

The creation of a standing army in Kosovo could provoke military intervention by Belgrade, Serbia's prime minister said. Kosovo's parliament is due to vote next week on transforming its defense force into a regular army.

Serbia hints at referendum on Kosovo deal (18.05.2018)

Serbian officials have continued to hint that citizens will be given an opportunity to declare their views on any proposed settlement of the Kosovo issue. Many believe a referendum is the most likely solution, as Serbia's constitution mentions Kosovo as part of the national territory.

Army to set up new special units; Kosovo biggest risk (06.12.2017)

Serbia's biggest security risk is the unresolved status of the southern province and its unilaterally declared independence, warns army chief Ljubisa Dikovic.

Serbia wants to join civilian peacekeeping missions (07.11.2017)

The Serbian defense minister [Aleksandar Vulin] added that it was "time for Serbia to start considering participation in civilian missions next year." Vulin, who spoke at a conference on the establishment of a system for the participation of civilian experts in multinational operations of the OSCE,...

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