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EU Advisory Mission in support of Security Sector Reform in Iraq

Mandatiert seit: 10/17

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UN Assistance Mission for Iraq (UN-Peacebuilding)
Mandatiert seit: 08/03

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Iraq’s paramilitary groups: the challenge of rebuilding a functioning state – ICG report (30.07.2018)

A struggle looms in Iraq over the future of paramilitary groups assembled to help the state defeat ISIS. These units remain under arms and autonomous. Baghdad should strengthen the interior and defence ministries so they can absorb the paramilitaries now undercutting the state’s authority.

Protests in Southern Iraq intensify, is instability to follow? (24.07.2018)

Widespread protests have erupted across southern Iraq over the past two weeks, sparked by long-simmering grievances regarding insufficient electricity, water quality, and unemployment. While demonstrations are common during Iraq’s hot summer months, this year’s protests appear far more broad in...

Iraqi election officials begin manual recount of May vote (03.07.2018)

Iraqi election officials have begun a manual recount of ballots from the May parliamentary elections, an effort aimed at ending tensions over alleged fraud and irregularities.

Iraq's top court upholds election recount (21.06.2018)

Iraq's top court upheld on Thursday a law mandating a nationwide recount of votes in a May parliamentary election but ruled that the cancellation of overseas, displaced, and Peshmerga ballots was unconstitutional.

Iraqi parliament orders manual election recount (06.06.2018)

Iraq's parliament has voted to carry out a manual recount of votes cast in last month's legislative elections, amid allegations of widespread fraud. MPs also replaced the leadership of the election commission and annulled the votes of overseas and displaced Iraqis.

Iraqi leaders must form ‘truly national’ government, urges UN envoy (30.05.2018)

The low voter turnout for Iraq’s recent national elections was a “strong signal” to the country’s ruling political elites that they must work harder to ease sectarian divides and promote democratic accountability over nepotism and patronage, the United Nations envoy to the country said on Wednesday.

After democratic elections, Iraqi leaders must form ‘truly national’ government, urges UN envoy (30.05.2018)

Briefing the Security Council, Ján Kubiš, the top UN official in Iraq, urged the country’s political leaders “to draw the necessary conclusions” from the fact that less than half the country’s people exercised their right to vote “on the need for improved representation, justice for all and good...