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U.S. reviewing Sinai peacekeeper mission, may automate jobs (13.04.2016)

The U.S. military said on Tuesday it has formally notified Egypt and Israel that it is reviewing whether to automate aspects of multinational peacekeeping operations in the insurgency-wracked Sinai, potentially allowing a reduction in American troop deployments.

UN urges Egypt to regularly open Rafah crossing (25.11.2015)

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged the Egyptian authorities to put in place a regular schedule to open the Rafah crossing between Gaza and Egypt to allow for the movement of people, especially humanitarian cases.

Egypt, Israel rebuff bid to trim Sinai peacekeepers - official (25.11.2015)

The U.S.-led peacekeeper force in the insurgency-wracked Sinai peninsula will remain unchanged after Egypt and Israel together rebuffed proposals to scale it back, an Egyptian official said on Tuesday.

The Multinational Force of Observers and the Sinai Storm (11.09.2015)

Cairo’s failure to tackle the Sinai region’s IS-led rebellion not only complicates the MFO’s mandate to monitor the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, it’s also put US troops within touching distance of another theater of war.

Egypt opens Rafah crossing to stranded Palestinians bound for Gaza (27.11.2014)

Egypt opened the Rafah border crossing on Wednesday for the first time in a month to allow thousands of stranded Palestinians to return to the Gaza Strip, border officials said.

Sinai buffer zone no solution to militancy in Egypt - Amnesty (12.11.2014)

Egypt's plan to create a security buffer zone along its border with Gaza is not a solution to growing militancy in the Sinai region as it does not address the roots of the problem, the head of Amnesty International said on Wednesday.

Egypt clears Gaza border area to create security buffer (29.10.2014)

Egypt began clearing residents from its border with the Gaza Strip on Wednesday to create a buffer zone following some of the worst anti-state violence since President Mohamed Mursi was overthrown last year.

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