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UN Mission to support the Hodeidah Agreement

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Attack on Saudi facilities risks dragging Yemen into ‘regional conflagration’: UN Envoy (16.09.2019)

Special Envoy Martin Griffiths said there is “no time to waste” in ending four years of fighting between Houthi rebels and the internationally-recognized Government, supported by a Saudi-led coalition, which has pushed the country to the brink of famine. The UN humanitarian affairs coordination...

Experts: Yemen’s worsening humanitarian crisis avoidable (10.09.2019)

The Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen blames all warring parties for the catastrophic humanitarian crisis that has been causing immeasurable suffering for millions of civilians during more than four years of civil conflict. The experts have presented their latest report to the U.N. human rights...

Washington in talks with Huthi rebels to end Yemen war (05.09.2019)

US official says White House holding talks with Iran-backed rebels for first time in over four years, ‘narrowly focused’ on ending conflict.

War crimes committed by both sides in Yemen, UN panel says (03.09.2019)

All parties to the war in Yemen are committing horrific abuses, from arbitrary killings to rape and torture, with an impunity that underscores a collective failure of the international community, a panel of international experts said on Tuesday.

As Yemen relief operations face funding gap, timing of surge in violence ‘couldn't be worse’ (30.08.2019)

The situation in Yemen is “very fragile”, the top United Nations humanitarian official there has warned, noting that as many as 13 people have been killed and at least 70 wounded over the past three days during clashes in two governorates.

After Aden: navigating Yemen’s new political landscape – ICG briefing (30.08.2019)

Yemen’s anti-Huthi coalition has begun to splinter, with sharp fighting between Saudi- and Emirati-backed elements in the country’s south. With UN assistance, the Gulf monarchies should urgently broker a ceasefire as a prelude to an expanded peace process encompassing southern secessionists and...

Yemen government forces storm Aden, seize airport: residents, officials (28.08.2019)

Yemen government forces on Wednesday captured Aden airport from southern separatists and attacked the city’s eastern suburbs, residents and officials said, in renewed fighting that deepened a rift between supposed allies in a Saudi-led coalition.

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