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United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UN-Geführt)
Mandatiert seit: 03/78

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Office of the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon

Mandatiert seit: 02/07

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US faces uneasy choice between Lebanese Christians and Syrian refugees (24.09.2019)

Lebanese Christian groups are increasingly worried that their hard-won position in the country is under threat from an influx of Syrians that could permanently alter the balance of power. With more than 1.5 million refugees draining the tiny country's resources, memories are still fresh of the...

US official meets in Lebanon over anti-Hezbollah sanctions (23.09.2019)

Hezbollah holds three cabinet seats, and along with its allies has more power than ever in the parliament and government. It is also among the most effective armed groups in the region, extending Iran's influence to Israel's doorstep. Domestically, the group's power exceeds that of the Lebanese...

Dutch-based court files new charges against Hariri suspect (16.09.2019)

A UN-backed court based in the Netherlands unveiled new charges Monday, including terrorism and intentional homicide, against a Hezbollah fighter who also is accused of assassinating former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

Hezbollah claims drone hit (11.09.2019)

Hezbollah said it downed an Israeli drone in southern Lebanon in another flare-up raising tensions between the Iran-backed group and Israel.

Lebanon accelerating reforms to rein in public debt: PM Hariri (04.09.2019)

Lebanon is struggling with one of the world's heaviest public debt burdens, at about 150 percent of GDP. … On Monday, Lebanon declared a "state of economic emergency", with Hariri saying the government would take emergency measures to speed up economic reforms to help overcome a worsening crisis.

Hezbollah-Israel tension heightens fear of conflict (04.09.2019)

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah has openly threatened Israel with attacks as the group has increased its military might. Two weeks before Israeli parliamentary elections, the risk of war is growing.

Lebanese army fires at Israeli drones near border (28.08.2019)

Incident comes days after alleged Israeli drone crashed in a southern Beirut suburb while another exploded nearby.

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