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Polizei und Justiz im Rampenlich in Nachfolgemission in Haiti 10/2017 Download (783 KB)

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UN Mission for Justice Support in Haiti

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Tempers flare, furniture flies during Haiti parliament vote on Prime Minister (04.09.2019)

Tempers flared in Haiti’s parliament Tuesday as lawmakers resorted to pushing and shoving each other and swearing to vent frustrations over an act of vandalism that stunned the nation in the early hours of the morning.

Haiti's President survives impeachment vote (22.08.2019)

Haiti's President Jovenel Moise has survived an impeachment vote in parliament, ending a weekslong push by opposition parties to unseat him over corruption and other criminal allegations.

Opposition says documents will prove Haiti's Moise broke law (14.08.2019)

Twenty opposition politicians are raising the stakes in their drive to impeach Haitian President Jovenel Moise by demanding documents that they say will prove he has routinely violated the constitution.

Haiti's parliament attempts to re-establish order after chaos (01.07.2019)

Chaos has dominated Haitian politics for weeks after opposition lawmakers used various tactics including removing furniture from the chamber and failing to report for work -- to block a vote on the designated prime minister Jean Michel Lapin's nomination. The country has been without a prime...

SC approves ‘historic’ political Haiti mission, ending UN peacekeeping role in the country (25.06.2019)

The Security Council on Monday approved a resolution to create a UN “Integrated Office” in Haiti, designed to support the country’s government in strengthening political stability and good governance. The Office, named BINUH, will replace the peacekeeping mission in Haiti on October 16, putting an...

Haiti at a standstill as street clashes continue over demands for president’s ouster (10.06.2019)

Tensions escalated on the streets of Haiti’s capital as protesters on Monday again barricaded roads with burning tires, set a Port-au-Prince broadcast station’s vehicles ablaze, and chased down a presidential police backup unit they accused of firing on a crowd and killing a motorcycle driver.

Row with US energy trader worsens Haiti's fuel crisis (15.04.2019)

A dispute between Haiti and a U.S. energy trading firm is leading to long blackouts and fuel shortages in the Caribbean nation, feeding anger at President Jovenel Moise’s government following the collapse of a supply deal with Venezuela last year.

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