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United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti 

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UN envoy in Haiti discusses upcoming elections and UN’s transitioning role (18.04.2016)

[…] During a recent visit to the UN headquarters to brief the Security Council, Ms. Honoré [Head of MINUSTAH] sat down with the UN News Centre to discuss the second round of the presidential elections scheduled to be held on 24 April 2016. Artikeltext

New vote postponement prolongs Haiti political crisis (05.04.2016)

Haiti's runoff presidential election, which has been postponed multiple times amid a paralyzing electoral crisis, will not be held at the end of the month as previously scheduled, its election authority said Tuesday. … The runoff elections, which were originally scheduled for December 27, were...

Haitian parliament approves new government (25.03.2016)

Haiti's parliament approved a new government early Friday, a step toward holding a delayed runoff presidential election in a country mired in political chaos.

Security Council calls on Haiti to complete elections 'without further delay' (18.03.2016)

Deeply concerned by the continued suspension of electoral rounds in Haiti, the United Nations Security Council today called for the completion of the polling cycle without further delay to allow the Haitian people the opportunity to vote for their elected representatives in a free, fair, inclusive...

Court hears suit against UN on Haiti cholera outbreak (01.03.2016)

A legal battle by the Haitian victims of a cholera epidemic against the United Nations reached its highest level in an American court on Tuesday, as lawyers for the plaintiffs were permitted to argue before a federal appeals panel why they believe the United Nations is not entitled to immunity. …...

UN welcomes election of provisional President (15.02.2016)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as well as the UN and its partners in Haiti, have welcomed the 14 February election by the Haitian National Assembly of Jocelerme Privert as the island nation's interim President, one week after the departure of former President Michel Martelly.