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Polizei und Justiz im Rampenlich in Nachfolgemission in Haiti 10/2017 Download (783 KB)

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UN Mission for Justice Support in Haiti

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Haiti on path to stability, development thanks to UN mission, says envoy (13.10.2017)

After 13 years, the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) will close its doors on 15 October. … Interview with Sandra Honoré, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for Haiti and head of MINUSTAH.

Haiti has chance to solidify stability before UN mission’s drawdown, Security Council told (18.07.2017)

With three months left before the current United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti transitions to a smaller one, a UN envoy stressed today that the Caribbean country faces the “window of opportunity” to solidify stability, following recent elections.

Haiti to reform army after 20 years without (11.07.2017)

Haiti's government has launched a campaign to re-establish its army, dissolved more than 20 years ago. It wants to recruit about 500 men and women to help deal with natural disasters and to patrol borders. The recruitment drive follows the announcement by the UN mission that it would be leaving...

Defense minister: Haiti plans recruitment for small army (05.07.2017)

Haiti plans to start recruiting for a small, newly reformed army, the defense minister said Tuesday, while critics questioned the need for such a force in a poor country with a history of military coups.

After ‘successful’ visit to Haiti, Security Council notes window of opportunity for reforms (30.06.2017)

[…] Recounting the Council’s recent visit to Haiti, Ambassador Sacha Sergio Llorentty Soliz of Bolivia, which holds the presidency for the month of June, pointed to opportunities to cement positive change in the country. “Haiti is at political crossroads. The window of opportunity is open to...

In Haiti, Security Council spotlights opportunities for country's reform towards stability and development (24.06.2017)

[…] The delegation also sought to review how to implement MINUSTAH's transition to the UN Mission for Justice Support in Haiti (MINUJUSTH), and identify the necessary requirements for the successful implementation of the follow-up mission's mandate.