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United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti 

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UN peacekeeping level to increase by hundreds by end October (15.10.2004)

(Quelle: UN News) The United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti, which has been operating at less than half its authorized strength, will receive several hundred new members by the end of October, a UN spokesman said today. A formed unit of 125 police from China is expected to arrive on Sunday,...

Haiti's ex-rebels back in capital; violence feared (14.10.2004)

(Quelle: New York Times) Former soldiers who led a revolt against the former Haitian president, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, gathered in the capital on Wednesday, saying reinforcements were coming to help end violence that has killed at least 48 people. The advancing rebels would provide security in...

US urges end to bloodshed (12.10.2004)

(Quelle: BBC) The US has urged allies of exiled Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide to rein in militants after two weeks of unrest and nearly 50 deaths. A US state department spokesman accused Mr Aristide's supporters of seeking to undermine the interim government formed after his overthrow in...

UN peacekeepers wounded (10.10.2004)

(Quelle: Globe & Mail) Two UN peacekeepers were wounded in shootouts with supporters of Haiti's ousted president in the capital and storm survivors in flood-ravaged Gonaives, the first casualties of the 4-month-old UN mission, officials said Sunday.

Haitian and U.N. forces arrest militant suspects and seek arms (07.10.2004)

(Quelle: New York Times) Determined to quell a week of violence that has killed at least 19 people and possibly many more, Haitian police officers and United Nations soldiers fanned out Wednesday, arresting people suspected of being militants and searching for weapons in a show of force.

China shows off peacekeepers for Haiti (30.09.2004)

(Quelle: Washington Post) Armed police in combat boots karate-chopped and slashed the air with black clubs, part of a Chinese display of peacekeeping force as Beijing dispatches a 125-strong contingent to Haiti - its first contribution to a U.N. mission in the Western Hemisphere.

Armed rebels try to enter Haitian city (30.09.2004)

(Quelle: Washington Post) Scores of armed rebels approached Gonaives and some sneaked into the city despite opposition from U.N. peacekeepers, ratcheting up more tension in the city of a quarter million devastated by floods more than a week ago.