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UN Verification Mission in Colombia

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OEA Misión de Apoyo al Proceso de Paz en Colombia - OAS Mission to Support the Peace Process in Colombia (Other)
Beginn: 02/04

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Colombia struck a peace deal with Guerrillas, but many return to arms (18.09.2018)

[…] The peace accords signed in 2016 by then-President Juan Manuel Santos and the rebels were meant to bring an end to five decades of fighting that left at least 220,000 dead and nearly 6 million people displaced from their homes. Behind the agreement, though, loomed a fear: That many of the...

Security Council extends mandate of UN peace operation through next September (13.09.2018)

[…] Adopting a separate resolution 2435 (2018), the Security Council also extended by a year, the mandate of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia.

Colombian rebels release hostages amid stalled peace talks (13.09.2018)

Colombia’s last remaining rebel group, the ELN, has released six people it kidnapped last month. … President Ivan Duque suspended peace talks with the ELN shortly after taking office last month and demanded the group stop all of its criminal activities, including kidnappings, and release all of...

Duque and FARC ask UN to extend monitoring period of Colombia’s peace process (31.08.2018)

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque and demobilized FARC rebels on Friday requested the United Nations to extend its time in Colombia to monitor an ongoing peace process. Duque wrote to the UN requesting an extension of the mandate of the UN Special Political Mission in Colombia, with particular focus...

Duque vows to use force to ‘dismantle’ paramilitary group that offered to demobilize voluntarily (24.08.2018)

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque on Thursday vowed to send the military after the AGC, the country’s largest illegal armed group that offered to submit to justice a year ago. While speaking in Carepa, a town terrorized by the paramilitaries, Duque implied he will abandon preparations for the...

Colombia’s ruling party wants to end state cooperation with war crimes tribunal (19.08.2018)

The party of Colombia’s President Ivan Duque has asked Congress to end all state cooperation with a war crimes tribunal, a truth commission and even the missing persons search unit that are part of an ongoing peace process.

Duque appoints experienced scholar as personal adviser on peace (14.08.2018)

Colombia’s President Ivan Duque put scholar Miguel Ceballos in charge of the country’s peace process with demobilized FARC guerrillas and peace talks with ELN rebels.