Südsudan/Sudan (Abyei)

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UN Interim Security Force in Abyei (UN-geführt)
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Contested Abyei area appeals to UN for better security to deter attacks (18.07.2019)

The contested Abyei administrative area at the Sudan-South Sudan border has appealed to the United Nation Interim Security Forces for Abyei (UNISFA) to scale up security measures to protect residents from attacks.

UN peacekeeper, 6 civilians killed in Abyei (17.07.2019)

Unknown gunmen killed a U.N. peacekeeper and six civilians in the disputed region of Abyei on the border between Sudan and South Sudan, the regional governor said on Wednesday.

Lacroix proposes modest shift in mission’s role (30.04.2019)

The United Nations security force for Abyei remains essential to stability in the border regions between Sudan and South Sudan, the UN peacekeeping chief said on Tuesday, proposing the creation of a civilian unit to support progress towards political resolution of the dispute between the...

SC sets conditions for continued support to Sudan-South Sudan border mechanism (12.10.2018)

The United Nations Security Council extended the mandate of Abyei security force (UNISFA) for six months but once again it sets conditions for the continuation of its support to the Sudan-South Sudan border monitoring mechanism. … The Council "Decides to extend until 15 April 2019 UNISFA ’s mandate...

UN field support official visits Abyei to prepare UNISFA’s mandate review (29.07.2018)

The United Nations Under-Secretary-General (USG) for Field Support, Atul Khare, said his visit to the disputed area of Abyei meant to build up coordination with the mission ahead of the expected review of the mission mandate.

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