• New Website "Missions & Mandates"

    New Website "Missions & Mandates"

    What are peace operations doing worldwide? Our new interactive website presents the tasks of international peace operations of the UN, EU, OSCE, AU and NATO.
  • ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL in Arabic

    ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL in Arabic

    Are you getting ready for a crisis management mission or already working in the field? The ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL is now available for download in Arabic.
  • New Glossary "Missions & Mandates"

    New Glossary "Missions & Mandates"

    Our new glossary "Missions & Mandates. What Peace Operations Do" provides brief descriptions of the 23 most common areas of activity of international peace operations.
  • World Map Peace Operations 2018/2019

    World Map Peace Operations 2018/2019

    Our map offers a comprehensive overview of the peace operations deployed by the UN, EU, AU, OSCE, and other organizations. Available online and as on paper.
  • New video: ENTRi - briefly explained

    New video: ENTRi - briefly explained

    Europe's New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi) are 12 European training institutions working for improving human security in areas where crisis management missions are deployed. They offer a huge range of courses and training material for free. We are part of it. Watch this video.
  • The African Standby Capacity: the world's first continental civilian roster for peace operations

    The African Standby Capacity: the world's first continental civilian roster for peace operations

    The African Standby Capacity is a continental civilian roster and candidates are invited to apply. But how? A new video reveals it. We're proud partners of this project.
  • Duty of Care

    Duty of Care

    ZIF supports the development of a common understanding and approach to implement the Duty of Care to seconded civilian personnel in multilateral peace operations. The Voluntary Guidelines on the Duty of Care to Seconded Civilian Personnel have just been published – a guide for seconding and staff-receiving organizations.
  • Concept | Civilian Expert

    Concept | Civilian Expert

    The concept Civilian Expert lays out ZIF's expectations towards civilian experts in international peace operations and defines the basis of its training philosophy.
  • Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

    Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

    What exactly do civilian experts do? The following brief profiles provide some answers.
  • Election Observation

    Election Observation

    Over 5.000 German election observers have been deployed so far to EU and OSCE-ODIHR observation missions worldwide. ZIF has been the central point of recruitment for German election observers ever since 2002.
  • Training


    Peace needs professionals. Aside from a high degree of personal commitment, working in crisis regions requires adequate preparation and qualification. ZIF offers a variety of core and specialization courses.
  • Peace Operations Update

    Peace Operations Update

    ZIF compiles a weekly press review on developments in conflict regions. View the interactive world map here on the website or subscribe to our weekly electronic newsletter.

ZIF News

UN OCHA Workshop on the "Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC)" from 30 June to 5 July 2019 in Berlin

15.07.2019. Needs analysis, strategic planning, resource mobilization, implementation and monitoring, operational peer review and evaluation, and again needs analysis, strategic planning... Humanitarian activities are always carried out with the help of a coordinated sequence of measures, so that the...

The military, police and civilian experts all at one table – a recipe for success?

19.06.2019. Berlin-Schmöckwitz. A hotel in the outskirts of Berlin, a bus that leaves every hour, and a train station that takes more than half an hour to reach. Nobody would find its way to this place, unless looking for some peace, nature and rest, or a location to host negotiations with terrorists. At...

International Advisory Board in Berlin

17.06.2019. ZIF’s International Advisory Board met on 6/7 June to discuss mainly to focal points. On the one hand, it was discussed how peace operations are changing. There is a tendency towards smaller, more tailor-fit missions. This is the outcome of the board members’ discussion on the topic: “The end of...

Vietnamese Deputy Minister of Defense at ZIF

13.06.2019. On 13 June Deputy Minister of Defense, General Nguyen Chi Vinh, of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam attended ZIF with his delegation. Not long ago Vietnam has been elected as non-permanent member to the UN Security Council for the years 2020/21. In recent years it has increased its contribution to...

UN-OCHA Course on "Coordinated Assessment and Information Management (CAIM)" from May 26 to 31, 2019 in Berlin

12.06.2019. In order to be able to act effectively and quickly in crisis situations, it is important that local needs are carefully analyzed and coordinated. It is the task of so-called information managers to plan and carry out these needs analyses and to evaluate the results. A reliable and precise...

Inter-organizational High-level Peer-to-Peer Exchange on Approaches and Good Practices for Mediation in Protracted Conflicts

28.05.2019. From May 21-23, 2019, the Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) in cooperation with the Mediation Support Team (MST) of the OSCE Conflict Prevention Centre and supported by the UN Mediation Support Unit organized a high-level peer-to-peer exchange on approaches and good practices for...

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