• New Website "Missions & Mandates"

    New Website "Missions & Mandates"

    What are peace operations doing worldwide? Our new interactive website presents the tasks of international peace operations of the UN, EU, OSCE, AU and NATO.
  • ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL in Arabic

    ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL in Arabic

    Are you getting ready for a crisis management mission or already working in the field? The ENTRi handbook IN CONTROL is now available for download in Arabic.
  • New Glossary "Missions & Mandates"

    New Glossary "Missions & Mandates"

    Our new glossary "Missions & Mandates. What Peace Operations Do" provides brief descriptions of the 23 most common areas of activity of international peace operations.
  • World Map Peace Operations 2018/2019

    World Map Peace Operations 2018/2019

    Our map offers a comprehensive overview of the peace operations deployed by the UN, EU, AU, OSCE, and other organizations. Available online and as on paper.
  • New video: ENTRi - briefly explained

    New video: ENTRi - briefly explained

    Europe's New Training Initiative for Civilian Crisis Management (ENTRi) are 12 European training institutions working for improving human security in areas where crisis management missions are deployed. They offer a huge range of courses and training material for free. We are part of it. Watch this video.
  • The African Standby Capacity: the world's first continental civilian roster for peace operations

    The African Standby Capacity: the world's first continental civilian roster for peace operations

    The African Standby Capacity is a continental civilian roster and candidates are invited to apply. But how? A new video reveals it. We're proud partners of this project.
  • Duty of Care

    Duty of Care

    ZIF supports the development of a common understanding and approach to implement the Duty of Care to seconded civilian personnel in multilateral peace operations. The Voluntary Guidelines on the Duty of Care to Seconded Civilian Personnel have just been published – a guide for seconding and staff-receiving organizations.
  • Concept | Civilian Expert

    Concept | Civilian Expert

    The concept Civilian Expert lays out ZIF's expectations towards civilian experts in international peace operations and defines the basis of its training philosophy.
  • Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

    Civilian Expertise. Worldwide.

    What exactly do civilian experts do? The following brief profiles provide some answers.
  • Election Observation

    Election Observation

    Over 5.000 German election observers have been deployed so far to EU and OSCE-ODIHR observation missions worldwide. ZIF has been the central point of recruitment for German election observers ever since 2002.
  • Training


    Peace needs professionals. Aside from a high degree of personal commitment, working in crisis regions requires adequate preparation and qualification. ZIF offers a variety of core and specialization courses.
  • Peace Operations Update

    Peace Operations Update

    ZIF compiles a weekly press review on developments in conflict regions. View the interactive world map here on the website or subscribe to our weekly electronic newsletter.

ZIF News

UN OCHA Course "Advanced Training on Analysis in Humanitarian Settings (ATAHS)" in Berlin

20.09.2019. An important part of humanitarian work is the correct assessment of needs to ensure the effectiveness of necessary assistance and accurate response planning. To further develop these analytical capabilities, the OCHA "Advanced Training on Analysis in Humanitarian Settings" was held in...

Short-Term Election Observation Course

19.09.2019. This year’s second ZIF Short-Term Election Observation (STO) course was held from the 15th to 18th September in Berlin. Future German observers as well as participants from all over Europe and beyond were trained for taking up an STO role in election observation missions (EOMs) of the EU and...

Peer Coaching “Mediation Diplomacy” with the EEAS

17.09.2019. Already for the third time ZIF and the mediation support team of the EU External Action Service (EEAS) conducted a high-level peer coaching seminar for EEAS Heads of EU Delegations and national ambassadors to the EU Political and Security Committee (PSC). Entitled “Mediation Diplomacy in the...

Workforce Planning Exercise at ECOWAS in Nigeria

16.09.2019. As part of continuous efforts to strengthen the capacities of regional partners of the African Standby Capacity (ASC), ZIF, ECOWAS, UNOAU und members of the African Union met in Abuja, Nigeria from 9-13 September 2019 in order to assess internal processes at ECOWAS and to provide recommendations...

Quadrilateral Meeting in Helsinki

13.09.2019. The Center for International Peace Operations (ZIF) met its three sister organizations for the annual quadrilateral meeting. At the meeting - which took place in Helsinki and was hosted by the Finnish Crisis Management Center (CMC) - the leadership teams of the Swedish Folke Bernadotte Academy...

A New „Mare Nostrum“

13.09.2019. In his comment at EURACTIV.com, Tobias Pietz argues that there should be no renewed Operation Sophia but rather a coalition of European member states establishing a new sea rescue mission like the Italian “Mare Nostrum” in 2014. The new Italian government might offer the chance for a compromise on...

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